7 rowers ready themselves for U23 World Champs

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Seven Sydney University Boat Club (SUBC) athletes will hit the water next Wednesday 24th July to compete for Australia at the U23 World Rowing Championships in Linz, Austria.

Tom Sacre, Nick Wheatley, Chris Cunningham-Reid and Jack Hargreaves make-up of the Australian U23 men’s eight.

Hamish Playfair and Peter Koster are in the U23 Men’s Quad (coached by SUBC Head Coach Mark Prater) and James Medway is competing in the U23 Four.

Sacre (Bachelor of Arts), Cunningham-Reid (Bachelor of Sciences), Hargreaves, Playfair and Koster (Bachelor of Liberal Arts & Sciences) are SUSF Elite Athlete Program (EAP) scholarship holders.

The 2013 U23 World Championships will be held in Linz, Austria from July 24-28.