Sydney Uni dominate Taekwondo State Champs

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The Sydney Uni Taekwondo Club (SUTC) has dominated the Taekwondo NSW State Championships (TKDNSW) held on Sunday at Sydney Olympic Park, with Sydney University representatives securing seven first place finishes and a host of other competitors achieving personal best results whilst representing the club with pride and passion.

Maxwell Lee (Men’s Yellow Belt -54kg), James Diaz (Men’s Red Belt -63kg), Han Kim (Men’s Red Belt -68kg), Yunsi Feng (Women’s Red Belt -53kg), Francesca Wong (Women’s Red Belt Custom -57kg and Women’s Red Belt Custom Open Weight Division) and Danny Nguyen (Men’s Black Belt First Dan Poomsae -18-29 Age) all won their events.

Alex Malubag (Women’s Red Belt -53kg and Women’s Red Belt Custom -57kg Division) had two second place results; Marco Ratta (Men’s Blue Belt -63kg), Jerome Ching (Men’s Blue Belt -63kg) and Han Kim (Men’s Black Belt -68kg) finished third; while Yen Wei Loh (Men’s Black Belt -58kg) came fourth.

SUTC’s most experienced senior black belt Anton Shalom helped look after the team – preparing the competitors and displaying his leadership.

SUTC also contributed the majority of the competitions volunteers – eight in total – to assist the marshalling and judging for the Junior and Senior Poomsae events.

SUTC has placed a high importance on providing TKDNSW with plenty of enthusiastic volunteers to assist at competitions, both as a way to contribute to the Australian Taekwondo community, forge positive interclub relationships, and provide beginners with valuable hands-on insight and experience into competitive Taekwondo.