The SUANFC NEAFL side completed another gruelling pre-season with a resounding win in warm conditions against reigning Sydney AFL league winners UNSW in Saturday afternoon’s trial at Mahoney Reserve, Marrickville.  

Saturday’s trial – where scores were not recorded but the contest was more than willing – alongside a three month strength and conditioning program has placed Sydney Uni’s NEAFL side in a strong position as they ready themselves for two more trial matches over the next two weekends against AFL reserve sides.

Sydney Uni come up against UWS (GWS Reserves) next Saturday at Gipps Road Oval, Greystaines, before playing against AFL Premiers – the Sydney Swans – reserves the following Friday evening.

With these two big games in mind Senior NEAFL Coach Daniel Gilmore was able to give every player just under an hour of match time to maximise his squads match fitness over six 18 minute stanzas.

“Our absolute focus was implementing our structures and meeting our key performance indicators,” explained Gilmore.

“Whilst our opposition was beaten heavily on the day, our players stuck to our structures and played out the game, which became a very open encounter early in the day. Their discipline to do so was also encouraging.”

Tim Barton, Brendan Norton, John Haggerty, Matt Powys and Kelvin Barnes, all produced stand out performances in the first half, while Peter Casey, Matt Clarke, Charles Shaw, Mitch Harmer and Jack Caspersonn had prominent performances in the second half.

“Our boys have demonstrated today that they can put into action our squad style across the game for 120 minutes, the challenge is to back it up next week against an AFL conditioned side”, said Gilmore.

While the AFL trained squads will be a considerable step up in competition, Gilmore believes that his squad is ready for the challenge.

“Our skills and understanding of our brand of football have improved over the tough summer we have been through. This week positions us to be tested under more pressure against GWS – a challenge our group is up for”, said Gilmore.