Rowers look towards the Great Race

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The Sydney University Women’s Eight will leaves for the Great Race in New Zealand next Saturday.

The Great Race, which takes place on the weekend of 10-11th September, has been held for the last six years and is run on a 3.85km “against the flow” course through central Hamilton on New Zealand’s largest river – the mighty Waikato.

This year three crews, instead of the usual two, will contest the event so positioning on the river and out of the stream will be important with at least one crew having to row behind another for much of the race.

University of Waikato, Melbourne University and Sydney University will contest the women’s event.

The Sydney University crew will be:

Emmalene Fick, Madeleine Cavanagh, Jessica Buttel, Sabina White, Emma Costello, Charlotte Walters, Beatrix Sheldrick, Ellena Winstanley and William Raven (cox). Coach is Gonzalo Briones.