Sydney University Elite Athlete Program (EAP) scholarship holder Derek Mulhearn finished in fourth place in the open men’s 20km racewalk at the Australian Cross Country Championships held in Canberra last week.

This result also ranked Mulhearn in second position for those walkers under the age of 23.

“There were a few of the top walkers missing as they were training over in Korea for the World Champs, but I am really happy with how the walk went with almost no walking training,” a delighted Mulhearn said.

“I have been doing lots of running training, but unfortunately running and walking aren’t completely compatible. I had to hold back at the start because even though I was aerobically fine the whole race, I knew my legs would start to feel it in the last few kilometres. Which they did.”

Mulhearn will now have a few days off before getting back into some running next week for an upcoming marathon.

Derek’s brother, and fellow EAP scholarship holder, Jordan didn’t fare as well. Unfortunately he was forced to pull out mid-race.