Graham Croker

Sydney University rattled up an 85-point win over UTS in their Round 6 Sydney Premier Division AFL clash at Trumper Park on Saturday, with Adam Campbell and Tim Barrett each bagging five goals in the 26.13 (169) to 12.12 (84) result.

The Students, who were runners-up for the 2010 flag, now lie third on the ladder behind East Coast Eagles and Balmain, with St George, North Shore and UNSW-Eastern Suburbs making up the top six.

As Michael Shillito reports, the Students raced out of the blocks, with six goals to one to lead by 33 points at the first change.

“On the small Trumper surface, it only takes a couple of kicks to get the ball from the centre to the forward line, and the dominant Sydney University midfield were able to set up numerous attacking chances during the one-sided first half,” Shillito said.

“The Bats were held to just two goals for the first half, while the Students registered 13 majors to lead by 68 points at the long break.

“The second half was closer, but the Bats were still unable to make any impact on the Students’ lead, and they put through enough goals when it mattered to win the second half, keeping the Students in the top three while ensuring the Bats are still looking for their first win since their promotion to Premier Division.”

Campbell and Barrett continually set themselves up as forward targets, and collected 10 goals between them for their efforts.

The Students had plenty of winners around the ground in Nick Roberts, Jack Caspersonn, Campbell, Alexander Lee, Sam Sloane, Max Carter and Nick Roberts, while Chris Tolj, Tim Steinfort and James Curtis toiled hard for the Bats.

Meanwhile, Troy Coles is enjoying a goal-laden season for the Students in Division Two, with 31 majors to his credit from his four games.

Coles collected five against Nor-West and four against Penrith before upping the ante with nine (and two behinds) against Manly-Warringah before bagging 13 in Sydney University’s 17.10 (112) to 7.14 (56) win over Moorebank at St Paul’s College Oval on Saturday.


Sydney Premier League – Round 6

Premier Division: Sydney University 26.13: 169 (Adam Campbell 5, Tim Barrett 5, Max Carter 3, Tim Air 2, Joshua Cole 2, Mark Rigby 2, Alexander Lee 2, Christopher Kendrick , Sam Sloane, Sam Crichton, Christopher Clarebrough, Jordan McCreary) d UTS 12.12: 84 (Andrew Davis 5, Mark Trehwella 2, Christopher Tolj 2, Simon Fitzgerald, Henry McGregor, James Caica) at Trumper Park.

Best players:

Sydney University: Nick Roberts, Jack Caspersonn, Adam Campbell, Alexander Lee, Sam Sloane, Max Carter.

UTS: Christopher Tolj, Tom Steinfort, James Curtis, Andrew Davis, Mar Trehwella, Tom McGregor.

Division One: Sydney University 11.15: 81 (Desmond Worrell 3, Nicholas Lye 3, Andrew Holmes 2, Thomas Aitken 2, Chris Walsh) d UTS 6.4: 40 (Anthony Rosen 3, Ricky Herbert, Luke Bell, Brendan Browne).

Division Two: Sydney University 17.10: 112 (Troy Cole 13, Tony Ly 2, Oliver Young, Christopher Birch, Pat. Francis) d Moorebank 7.14: 56 (Robert Thompson-Laing 2, Daniel Holman, Zac Kubicki, Nicholas Denko, Luke Bayne, Daniel Gojanovic) at St Paul’s College Oval.

Division Three: UTS 9.6: 60 (George Capozzi 3, Phillip Taylor 2, Jonothon Lyngcoln, Jacob Alsford, Edward Sholl, Matthew Warnock) Sydney University 5.14: 44 (Mark Horsley, Taimus Werner-Gibbings, Craig O’Donnell, James Paver, Atticus Saunders) at Trumper Park.

Division Five: Sydney University 6-10: 46 (Geoff Ramsay 2, Chris McNeil 2, Jamie Crichton, Chris Wilde) d Moorebank 4.10: 44 (Sam Ellul 2, Ryan Eckert, Moamar Abdul-Latif) at St Paul’s College Oval.

Under 18 Premier Cup: Sydney University 24.17: 161 (Todd Considine 7, Adrian Yakimov 4, Thomas Graham 3, Morgan Davis 2, Richard Hall 2, Nathan Carter 2, Sean Carnaffan 2, Matthew Powys, Gabriel Robbie) d Penrith 7.2: 44 (Jack Ponton 2, Ben McGovern 2, Aaron McGee, Joshua Jenner, Joseph Hunt) at Alan Davidson Oval.