Boat boys to raise money by tackling Oxfam Trail Walk

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This winter, two Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness (SUSF) scholarship holders have teamed up with another Sydney Uni student and a friend from Melbourne to tackle the Oxfam Trail Walk – a 100km endurance trek which starts at the Hawkesbury River and ends at Sydney Harbour.

The team’s goal is to finish in about 15 hours, which means they will be doing specific training beginning in May. In order to compete the trail as quickly as possible, and running up to 50% of the event, the boys will be training from May doing test walks, hill-sprints, long interval training, cross country running and long runs.

The team, led by SUSF scholarship holder and boat representative James Goswell, are aiming to raise $6000 for Oxfam – which works against poverty with specific programs in over 28 countries including indigenous Australia.

Goswell will be joined by fellow SUSF scholarship holder and boat representative Henry Mander, Sydney Uni Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Engineering student Rob Taylor, and friend Alex Sharp.

Goswell was part of 2011 Babewatch ocean swimming team. Alongside his brother Alex, Goswell and 10 of the rowers from Sydney Uni Boat Club swam in five ocean swims to raise awareness and money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. It was a huge success and they rose over $3,000. The team is already planning Babewatch’s next summer season.

The boys are asking you for your fundraising support so that Oxfam can continue its work reducing global inequality. Even $20 is enough to buy a blackboard to improve the quality of education for children in Cambodia.

If the team receives 10 $20 donations from SUSF members then they have promised to double the commitment by donating $200 of their own.

This is a fantastic cause, so to donate or check out the team visit this link: