Sydney Uni rowers will occupy 27 or 28 seats, out of the 46 available, for the NSW team at the 2011 Interstate Regatta.

This remarkable achievement means that almost 60% of the overall NSW team will be made up from Sydney Uni athletes.

This representation includes a number of athletes who have been selected in their first ever state team, including  Jo Wood, Phil Blacklaw, James Medway, Tom Sacre, Harry Thomson, Nick Wheatley, Michelle Battersby, Ellie Winstanley and Gen Fick.

“It is a very strong achievement by Sydney Uni Rowing to make up nearly 60% of the NSW State team for the Interstate Regatta on 13th march in Westlakes,” said Boat Club Vice-President Chris Noel.

“I think we put this down to dedicated coaches led by our Director or Rowing , Mark Prater and backed up by committed athletes and a strong support netweork including Sydney Uni Sport and lots of parents.”

The 2011 Interstate Regatta will take place on the 13th March.