Sydney University rowers collected a host of titles at the 2011 NSW Championships at Penrith International Regatta Centre, including the men’s and women’s eights, to win the Rowing NSW Honours Trophy – for top-scoring club – for the ninth year in a row.

With most of Australia’s leading rowers attending the championships, Sydney University finished with 182 points to win the Honours Trophy, a clear 117 points ahead of their nearest rivals.

The Sydney University women’s eight, stroked by national representative Sarah Cook, led all the way to win in 6m 43.92s from Loreto Kirribilli and UTS. The eight included 2006 world champion Brooke Pratley, along with Grace Michell, Renee Kirby, Sarah Sackville, Ellena Winstanley, Greta Beale, Beatrix Sheldrick and cox Alison Williams.

SUBC fielded a star-studded men’s eight, including Olympic silver medallists Francis Hegerty and Matt Ryan, along with 2010 World Champion bronze medallist Sam Loch, and Nick Purnell, Sasha Belongoff, Nick Hudson, Brodie Buckland, Fergus Pragnell and cox Toby Lister.

SUBC blasted away at the start – covering the first 500m in 1min20sec – to establish a length lead. They then covered the chasing crews, including two Victorian eights with many of the senior national team on board, to win in 5:36.47, a clear 5.94sec ahead of Melbourne University and 19.84 sec ahead of third-placed Mosman.

Late entry Mercantile of Victoria raced well to finish just behind Melbourne Uni but could not be included in the judging due to their late entry.”

The win was the seventh in a row for SUBC in the NSW men’s championship eights.

In the men’s under 21 eights, SUBC reclaimed the Colleagues Cup, which they won each year from 2004-09 and lost in 2010. They beat a strong field of 16 crews and cleared way in the final to an eight-second win.

Sydney University men’s under 21 rowers dominated the youth events, finishing first, second and fifth in the pairs and first and second in the quad scull.

The Sydney University women’s contingent also performed well, winning the open elite quad scull, where Sarah- Cook, Brooke Pratley, Renee Kirby and school leaver Ellie Winstanley led all the way to claim the title.

2011 NSW Rowing Championships – International Regatta Centre, Penrith Lakes


Elite eight: 1 Sydney University (Grace Michell, Renee Kirby, Sarah Sackville, Ellena Winstanley, Greta Beale, Brooke Pratley, Beatrix Sheldrick, Sarah Cook, c Alison Williams) 6m43.92s, 2 Loreto Kirribilli, 3 UTS 15.12, 15.63.

Under 21 single scull: 1 Brisbane and GPS-AIS, 2 Drummoyne 2, 3 Grafton 2, 4 Sydney University (Beatrix Sheldrick).

Elite single scull: 1 New Norfolk-AIS 1 7:39.56, 2 Melbourne University-AIS 2, 3 Sydney University 1 (Brooke Pratley) 2.37, 2.69. (Sydney University-AIS 3 – Sally Kehoe 6th).

Elite lightweight single scull: 1 Corio Bay, 2 St George 1, 3 Sydney University (Kylie Duff).

Elite double scull: 1 Melbourne University-New Norfolk, 2 Sydney University-AIS 2 (Sarah Cooke, Brooke Pratley), 3 Mosman-Mercantile-AIS 3.

Elite lightweight double scull: 1 Drummoyne-Sydney University (Joanna Wood, Sarah Pound) 7:39.01), 2 UNSW-St George, 3 Queensland University-Sydney University (Marianna Doumanis, Catrionna Rose).

Elite pair: (Sydney University 1 4th, Sydney University 2 5th).

Elite quad scull: 1 Sydney University (Kirby, Winstanley, Pratley, Cook) 6:46.38, 2 Canberra, 3 Brisbane-GPS, 12.26, 19.20.

Elite lightweight quad scull: 1 Lower Clarence Composite, 2 Sydney University (Doumanis, Kleydish, Wood, Duff), 3 Mercantile.

Elite coxless four: 1 Melbourne University, 2 Mercantile, 3 Sydney University-Grafton (Sara Jones, Joanna Tarrant, Greta Beale, Grace Michell).

Under 19 double scull: Sydney University-Kincross (Candice Williams, Jessica Buttel) 7th.

Under 23 single scull: Sydney University (Ellena Winstanley) 4th.

Under 23 pair: Sydney University (Great Beale, Grace Michell) scratched.

Under 21 eight: 1 Brisbane and GPS Composite, 2 Sydney University (Thielemans, Doumanis, Buttel, White, Sackville, Winstanley, Sheldrick, Battersby, c Flick), 3 UTS.

Under 21 pair: 1 Grafton, 2 Sydney University 1 (Beatrix Sheldrick, Michelle Battersby), 3 Sydney University 2 (Sarah Sackville, Sabina White).


Elite eight: 1 Sydney University (Belongoff, Hudson, Ryan, Hegarty, Buckland, Pragnell, Loch, Purnell, c Lister) 5:36.47, 2 Melbourne University, 3 Mosman 5.94, 19.84.

Elite lightweight eight: 1 Toowong Composite, 2 Sydney University Composite (Lindsay, Webber, Ritchie, Nola, Zuk, Chisholm, Tunevitsch, Alexander, c De Voss), 3 Balmain Composite.

Elite single scull: Sydney University 1 (Sasha  Belongoff 6th), Sydney University-AIS (Nickolas Hudson 9th).

Elite lightweight single scull: Sydney University 1 (Edward Alexander) 7:27.60, 2 Mercantile, 3 Sydney University 4 (Edward De Carvahlo) 1.12, 3.02. (Sydney University 3 – Toby Ledgerwood 5th).

Elite double scull: 1 Mercantile-Adelaide University, 2 Murray Bridge-Sydney University (Nicholas Hudson, James McRae), 3 Sydney University (Cameron Girdlestone, Sasha Belongoff).

Elite lightweight double scull: 1 Queensland University-Sydney University (Edward De Carvahlo, Angus Morton) 7:01.37, 2 Sydney University (Toby Ledgerwood, Edward Alexander), 3 Nagambie 2.78, 4.62.

Elite quad scull: 1 Mercantile Composite-AIS 1, 2 Mercantile Composite-AIS 2, 3 Sydney University Composite-AIS 3 (Girdlestone, Reedman, Long, Belongoff). (Sydney University 6th).

Elite coxless four: 1 Sydney University-AIS (Ryan, Hegerty, Buckland, Purnell), 2 Mercantile Composite-AIS, 3 Mercantile Composite-AIS 5.

Elite pair: 1 Mercantile-AIS, 2 Sydney University-AIS 4 (Samuel Loch. Nicholas Purnell), 3 Melbourne University-Sydney University (Francis Hegarty, Josh Booth). (Melbourne University-Sydney University – Tom Larkins, Brodie Buckland 4th, Sydney University-AIS – Matthew Ryan, Fergus Pragnell 5th).

Elite coxed four: 1 Sydney University (Harley, Allsopp, Goswell, Barraclough, c Lister) 6:37.76, 2 Queensland University, 3 Sydney 1.06, 6.62.

Under 21 eight: 1 Sydney University (McClintock, Medway, Rundle, Blacklaw, Playfair, Wheatley, Sacre, Thomson, c Raven) 6:01.21, 2 Grammar, 3 Shore 1, 7.47, 9.40.

Under 21 single scull: 1 Canberra-ACTAS, 2 Sydney University 6 (Thomas McClintock), 3 Sydney University 4 (Nick Wheatley), 4 Sydney University 7 (Hamish Playfair), 6 Sydney University 1 (Thomas Sacre), 7 Sydney University 2 (Phillip Blacklaw).

Under 21 pair: 1 Sydney University 3 (Thomas Sacre, Nick Wheatley) 6:56.08, 2 Sydney University 2 (Hamish Playfair, Harry Thomson), 3 Mosman 2, 4.58, 6.57. (Sydney University 1 finished 5th).

Under 21 quad scull: 1 Sydney University 1 (McClintock, Medway, Wheatley, Sacre) 6:12.76, 2 Sydney University 2 (Chadwick, Rundle, Blacklaw, Bowditch), 3 Sydney 7.00, 7.41.

Under 21 quad scull: 1 Bunbury Composite-AIS, 2 Sydney University (Doumanis, Riley, White, Battersby) 3 Mosman-UTS, 4 Sydney University (Goswell, Mander, Edwards, Thomson, Playfair, Barraclough, Girdlestone, Ledgerwood, c Raven).

Under 23 single scull: Sydney University 3 (Ryan Edwards) 6th.

Under 23 pair: 1 Mercantile-Melbourne University, 2 Sydney (1), 3 Sydney University (Timothy Harley, Nick Wheatley) 4 Sydney University (Hamish Playfair, Harry Thomson).