They don’t like cricket, they love it

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Sydney University Cricket Club hosted America’s only all born US cricket team, Compton Cricket Club, in a Twenty20 friendly at Sydney University Oval No. 2 on Tuesday afternoon.

The Compton Cricket Club, a team of young men from central Los Angeles, visited the campus as the first stop on their 11 day exhibition cricket tour of Australia.

The club emerged fifteen years ago as a way to remove Los Angeles youth off the streets.

Its founder Ted Hayes, said the club has used the values of sportsmanship and focused on the importance of etiquette and fair play in cricket to help players develop respect for authority, a sense of self-esteem, and self-discipline.

There was plenty of self discipline as the teams batted out the Twenty20 match in sweltering heat.

The home side were victorious reaching the target of 128 with a two overs and five wickets in hand. 

The visitors demonstrated great enthusiasm, particularly in the field, chasing every ball hard and taking some great catches, supporting each other with good mateship.

With Hayes leading the rap comments on the field, it was a whole lot of fun, despite the mid thirties temperatures. 

The teams joined each other at the end of the match for lunch to complete an enjoyable day.

 “It‘s not often you get an opportunity to host this type of event,” said umpire on the day and Sydney University Cricket Operations Manager Geoff De Mesquita.

“The day was fantastic, with our team playing the match in the right spirit and I can assure you proving great ambassadors for Sydney University.

We were pleased to be part of this initiative and also to be able to promote the game of cricket in this way and to promote Sydney University.”

The Compton team has acquired an international following not just for their skills with the bat, but also for their musical prowess.

Last year the team released the world’s first Hip-Hop Cricket Rap Music Video and were invited to demonstrate their musical skills at the World Bar at Kings Cross on Tuesday evening.  

“The Homies” are the first Cricket team from North America to tour to Australia.

They have planned to play a series of high profile exhibition cricket matches in Melbourne, Alice Springs and Sydney.