Scoreboard is a wrap-up of the efforts of Sydney University athletes and teams through the past week, compiled by Graham Croker. Stories on some of the performances also appear in the News section.



Women’s National Basketball League – Round 14

Southern Design Sydney University Flames 88 (Natalie Stafford 19, Amy Denson 16, Natalie Porter 15, Katie-Rae Ebzery 15) d Logan Thunder 87 (Kristen Veal 23, Renae Camino 19, Cayla Francis 18) in overtime at Sydney University Sports and Fitness Centre.



Sydney Men’s Grade competition – Round 11 (Two-day matches)

First Grade: Sydney University 8-305 (Nick Larkin 85, Scott Henry 75, Mark Faraday 50; Adam Fleming 5-56, Adrian Ezquerro 2-75) v Sutherland, stumps, day one, at Glenn McGrath Oval. Toss: Sydney University. Batted first: Sydney University.

Second Grade: Sutherland 197 (James Bill 57, Joel Tuccia 47, Joel Burnett 35; Ben Joy 3-40, Robert Edwards 3-48, Tom Kierath 2-25) v Sydney University 3-125 (Ben Larkin 42, Liam Robertson 32 not out, Adam Theobald 23; Joel Tuccia 2-60) stumps, day one, at Sydney University No.1 Oval. Toss: Sydney University. Batted first: Sutherland.

Third Grade: Sydney University 6-304 (Ken Huckle 87, Jack Hill 64 not out, John Saint 60; Sam Newman 2-54) v Sutherland, stumps, day one, at Sutherland Oval. Toss: Sydney University. Batted first: Sydney University.

Fourth Grade: Sutherland 210 (Mathew Earley 69, Phil Weatherall 39, Blake Miller 34; Charles Cull 7-49, Elliott Braunstein 2-27) v Sydney University 1-47 (James Larkin 38 not out) stumps, day one, at Sydney University No.2 Oval. Toss: Sutherland. Batted first: Sutherland.

Fifth Grade: Sutherland 333 (Martin Henry 67, Jamie Brown 64, Nicholas McCarthy 51; Alex Barwick 4-85, Greg Metcalfe 4-114) v Sydney University 0-12, stumps, day one, at Tonkin Park. Toss: Sutherland. Batted first: Sutherland.

Sydney Women’s Grade competition – Round 14 (Limited overs)

First Grade: Campbelltown-Camden 4-192 off 39.4 overs (Clare Koski 52 not out, Melissa Harrison 41, Lisa Griffith 33; Fraser Wunch 3-46) d Universities 7-188 (three players short – late withdrawals) off 44.2 overs (Kate Owen 71, Alex Vaughan 53; Cassandra McDonough 4-10) by six wickets at Sydney University No.1 Oval. Toss: Universities. Batted first: Universities. Points: Campbelltown-Camden 6, Universities 0.

Second Grade: Campbelltown-Camden 7-280 off 50 overs (Karen Hoads 72 not out, Rebecca Miller 62, Stefanie Daffara 53; Lisa Molden 3-52, Nicole Woods 2-25) d Universities 9-104 (Claire Hodgkinson 41; Monique Jackson 4-34) by 176 runs at Raby No.2 Oval. Toss: Campbelltown-Camden. Batted first: Campbelltown-Camden. Points: Campbelltown-Camden 6, Universities 0.



NSW Little Boat Regatta at SIRC, Penrith Lakes


Under 23 Scull: Ryan Edwards (Sydney University Boat Club) 7m26.52s, Hamish Playfair (SUBC), Henry Mander (SUBC) 5.90s, 0.55s; Double: University of Queensland 6m37.99s, Mosman-St George, SUBC 4.22s 16.20s; Pair: Canberra 6m45.59s, SUBC 4.83s.

Under 21 Scull: Nick Wheatley (SUBC) 7m14.49s, C Marriott (Mosman), Harry Thomson (SUBC) 5.22s, 7.01s; Double: SUBC 7m01.63s, UTS 10.96s.

ELW Scull: D Webber (UQBC) 7m10.93s, Ed De Carvalho (SUBC), Toby Ledgerwood (SUBC) 6.53s, 3.03s; Double: SUBC 7m04.08s, UTS 8.12s.

ELT Scull: Sacha Belongoff (SUBC) 6m58.06s, J Chapman (SRC), Cameron Girdlestone (SUBC) 6.96s, 2.27s; Double: SUBC 6m30.92s, Mosman-St George, SUBC 11.43s, 3.33s.


Under 23 Pair: SUBC 7m51.78s, SUBC 4.08s.

Under 21 Scull: Ellie Winstanley (SUBC) 8m.02.99s, J Tarrant (Grafton), Beatrix Sheldrick (SUBC) 8.22s, 0.99s; Pair: Grafton 8m.02.95s, Queenwood, SUBC 2.39s, 4.83s; Double: SUBC 7m32.45s, Grafton, UTS 12.52s, 6.37s.

ELW Scull: Kylie Duff (SUBC) 8m.00.53s, S Pound (Drummoyne), H Lawrence (HVGS) 7.33s, 6.38s; Double: UNSW-St George 7m41.83s, SUBC, Drummoyne-UTS 0.53s, 4.55s.

ELT Scull: Brooke Pratley (SUBC) 7m43.46s, A Ives (Mosman, T Gerrand (SRC) 10.10s, 5.53s; Double: SUBC-Sydney 7m18.75s, UNSW-Canberra, UTS 2.51s, 2.05s; Pair: SUBC 8m09.28s, UTS, Grafton 6.65s, 9.02s.

Masters: Women

Division 4 Scull: L Nisbett (Drummoyne) 4m26.64s, L Burrows (Mosman), Kerry Bigsworth (SUBC) 0.35s, 0.54s.

Division 2 Double: Mosman 4m04.51s, St George, SUBC 3.38s, 15.07s; Pair: SUBC 4m34.37s, Leichhardt, Leichhardt 5.83s, 11.40s.