Sydney University Judo Club experience one of its best years in 2010, and 2011 promises to be even better.

Competing at this year’s NSW Open and Victorian Open against current Olympians and national team members, coach Ivan Szasz was victorious in the Under 100kg Division.

At the 2010 ‘all grades’ tournaments Sydney University fought its way to multiple medals, taking the lion’s share of wins among the NSW clubs.

Even the masters division took their share of the spoils, with Sydney University topping the medal count at the recent Pan Pacific Masters Games. 

Students and community members, young and old, have trained hard in the spirit of fun and competition, keeping alive the strong spirit of judo on campus.

Judo comprises of throws and holds which are designed to defend against attacks, especially from bigger and stronger opponents. 

The sport of judo, known as ‘The Gentle Way’ in Japanese, was founded by Jigoro Kano in 1882 as a more rounded form of self-defence to the often violent jujitsu styles of the time.

Today Judo is practised everywhere and the spirit of Kano sensei’s teaching lives on in sports halls and gyms, open for all to learn.

The Sydney University Judo Club is the oldest in Australia and happily opens its doors to the community to teach judo to all levels of fun and competition. 

The club offers training for beginners as well as elite athletes, dedicated women’s classes and children’s sessions. 

The Sydney Uni Judo Club boasts that its club is the ‘most affordable in the known universe.’

So, if you think a little fun, fitness and following in the path of the samurai could be just your thing this summer why don’t you get in contact with the club?

Check out more details at www.sydneyjudo.com, including contact details and training times.

The dojo (martial arts gymnasium) is located in the H.K. Ward gym off Parramatta Road, Camperdown, Sydney University.