Sydney University Judo Club topped the medal count with five gold medals at the 2010 Pan Pacific Masters Games held on the Gold Coast last week.

The club sent four competitors to the Games – Vic Ross, Ken McAviney, Kristof Frankowski and Martin Doyle.

Despite being the oldest fighter (69) Ross fought well to win two matches in a difficult division against a host of younger fighters before missing out a medal.

McAviney had two wins with big throws to win gold in the over 55years middleweight.

Frankowski came equal first in the heavyweight division and won the open heavyweight division with some good ippons from his spectacular yoko tomoe-nage and hold downs.

Doyle fought with his usual tenacious vigor and won the 45 to 55 years middleweight and the lightweight open divisions – he had eight wins and no losses including hard fought wins over some classy English fighters.

In a very well organised event there were very few injuries and the refereeing was of a very high standard.