Scoreboard is a wrap-up of the efforts of Sydney University athletes and teams through the past week, compiled by Graham Croker. Stories on some of the performances also appear in the News section.


Commonwealth Games – Delhi, India


Diving: 1m springboard: Gold – Alexandre Despatie (Canada) 468.15, silver – Matthew Mitcham (Sydney University, Australia) 441.00, bronze – Scott Robinson (Australia) 409.51.

Athletics: 800m: Gold – Boaz Lalang (Kenya) 1:46.60, silver – Richard Kiplagat (Kenya) 1:47.37, bronze – Abraham Kiplagat (Kenya) 1:49.37. Lachlan Renshaw (Sydney University, Australia) finished second to Boaz Lalang in the qualifying heat but suffered a hamstring injury and had to withdraw from the final.

Gymnastics: Gold – Australia (Prashanth Sellathurai (Sydney University), Joshua Jefferis, Samuel Offord, Luke Wiwatowski and Thomas Pichler), silver – England, bronze – Canada.

Gymnastics: Parallel bars: Gold – Josh Jefferis (14.625), silver Luke Folwell (England 14.200), bronze Prashanth Sellathurai (14.000).

Gymnastics: Pommel horse: Gold – Prashanth Sellathurai (15.500), silver Max Whitlock (England 15.125), bronze Jonathan Chan (Singapore 14.200).


Diving: 10m synchonised: Gold – Australia (Alexandra Croak (Sydney University), Melissa Wu 335.75), silver – Malaysia (Pandelela Rinong Pamg and Mun Yee Leong 328.38), bronze – Australia (Briony Cole and Anabelle Smith 325.50).

Cycling: 500m time trial: Gold – Anna Mears (Australia 33.758s), silver – Kaarle McCulloch (Sydney University, Australia 34.780s), bronze – Becky James (Wales 35.236s).




Sydney Grade competition – Limited over Round 2

First Grade: Sydney University 6-276 off 50 overs (Greg Mail 166, Ian Moran 29, Will Hay 27, Scott Henry 22; Nat Hill 2-24, Jackson Bird 0-35) d Manly-Warringah 130 off 40.1 overs (Tim Cruikshank 60, Jack Ritchie 28; Kevin Desai 3-33, Scott Henry 2-9, Michael Culkoff 2-17) by 146 runs at Manly Oval. Toss: Sydney University.  Batted first: Sydney University. Points: Sydney University 7.

Second Grade: Sydney University 156 off 40.4 overs (Jimmy Kazaglis 34, Matthew Morgan 31, Robert Edwards 30; David Poskitt 3-37, Nick McLachlan 2-23, Matthew Mee 2-31) d Manly-Warringah 136 off 38.1 overs (James Crosthwaite 26, Jamie Sullivan 21, Andrew Jeffery 19; Liam Robertson 3-29, Stuart McLean 2-6, Jimmy Kazaglis 2-24, Robert Edwards 2-33) by 20 runs at Sydney University No.2 Oval. Toss: Manly-Warringah. Batted first: Sydney University. Points: Sydney University 6.

Third Grade: Manly-Warring 4-156 off 33.1 overs (Ian Prowse 67 not out, Adam Parkinson 21 not out) d Sydney University 155 off 49.1 overs (Justin Younes 45, Daniel Ward 44; Craig Little 5-33, Luke Mannell 2-31) by six wickets at Graham Reserve. Toss: Sydney University. Batted first: Sydney University. Points: Manly-Warringah 6.

Fourth Grade: Manly-Warringah 2-93 off 22.1 overs (Rowley Alexander 47, Joel Mason 36 not out) d Sydney University 92 off 35.6 overs (Ash Cowan 26, Josh Lawrence 16; Matthew Butcher 4-6, Lance Stewart 2-10, Luke Grant 2-13) by eight wickets at St Paul’s College Oval. Toss: Manly-Warringah. Batted first: Sydney University. Points: Manly-Warringah 7.

Fifth Grade: Manly-Warringah 2-111 off 28.5 overs (Steffan James 57 not out, Adam Gummer 36 not out) d Sydney University 110 off 48 overs (Virosh Poolagasandrum 29; Arshdeep Virdi 3-31, David Farrell 2-4) by eight wickets at Mike Pawley Oval. Toss: Sydney University. Batted first: Sydney University. Points: Manly-Warringah 7.



NSW Spring Regatta – Sydney International Regatta Centre, Penrith Lakes

Men: A: Scull Div 1: R Chisholm (UTS) 7m32.71s, J Chapman (SRC), S Belongoff (Sydney University Boat Club) 6.51s, 8.01s; Div 2: H Mander (SUBC) 7m45.14s, S Peile (St Geo), T Sacre (SUBC) 0.83s, 7.06s; Div 3: C Girdlestone (SUBC) 7m47.82s, S Nola (SRC), T Cartmill (SUBC) 8.82s, 0.55s; Div 4: B Smith (MURC) 7m49.47s, R Barraclough (SUBC), D Robinson (SRC) 2.51s, 084s.

Men’s Double: SUBC 6m54.23s, SUBC, SUBC 3.00s, 15.90s.

Men’s Pair: SUBC 6m54.08, SUBC, Sydney 9.56s, 0.82s.

Men’s Quad: SUBC 6m21.51s, SUBC 24.12s.

Women A: Pair: Sydney University 8m28.58s.

Women’s Double: Sydney University 7m27.16s, UNSW, UTS 2.61s, 9.01s.

Women’s Coxless Four: Sydney University 7m46.34s.

Women B; Scull: Div 1: E Blower (UTS) 7m46.34s, C Williams (Kinross), N Doumanis (SUBC) 3.55s, 4.85s. Div 2: H Lawrence (HVGS) 8m34.64s, J Wood (SUBC), E Lester (SRC) 0.44s, 19.87s.

Women’s Double: Div 1: Drummoyne 7m45.19s, UTS, Sydney University 16.03s, 4.46s; Div 2: Sydney University 7m40.35s, UTS, Kinross 19.76s, 7.46s.

Women’s Pair: Sydney University 8m16,86s, UTS 24.91s.

Women’s Quad:  UNSW 7m20.01, Sydney University, Hunter Valley Grammar School 5.58s 19.93s.