100 years since SUWSA was established

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5th August 2010 marked 100 years since the Sydney Uni Women’s Sport
Association was incorporated as part of The University of Sydney.  As many
of you would know, the Women’s Sport Association and the Men’s Sports Union
merged in 2003 to form Sydney University Sport (now SUSF).

is a significant milestone in the history of our organisation and represents an
unbroken commitment to women’s sport over a significant period of time,’ said
Executive Director of SUSF, Robert Smithies.

for female undergraduates at the University of Sydney grew slowly yet
persistently, beginning with the establishment of the Ladies’ Tennis Club in
1887, the University Women’s Boat Club in 1896, the Hockey Club in 1908, and
leading to the formation of the Sydney University Women’s Sports Association
(SUWSA) in 1910.

Association grew from the constant efforts of the early women undergraduates
who possessed the foresight and perhaps the arrogance to stake an early claim
for the rights of sportswomen at the university,’ Newtown Tarts, Sonja

have been numerous contributions on so many levels to make women’s sport at the
University such a success. 

current strength of our women’s sporting clubs is testament to the hard work
put in by literally thousands of people over the last century,’ said Smithies.

mark the occasion, we will be proposing a toast at the Blues Association Pin
Function tonight.