Shari Wakefield

Sydney University Swimming Club has been short-listed as a finalist for the 2009 Australian Unity Club of the Year Award.

The finalists will attend the 2009 Telstra Swimmer of the Year Awards in Canberra, on Wednesday, October 7, at the Great Hall in Parliament House.

“This award caps off a great years for the SUSC,” head coach Steve Alderman said.

“The club has had an exceptional year in the pool and the Go Club Gold award gives recognition to all club members for their commitment, professionalism and sporting excellence across all  levels of the clubs structure.

“Special mention to Vanessa Smith and the club’s committee members who work hard to fulfil the high standard of the awards criteria.”

The award is presented to the club with the highest overall points achieved from the 2009 Australian Unity GO CLUB PB workbook – with points awarded across seven key performance areas: membership, administration, activities, coaching and officiating, marketing and promotion.

Swimming Australia recognises swimming clubs as the backbone of the sport and therefore makes it a key strategic priority of Swimming Australia Limited to ensure clubs continue to develop and excel.