Sydney Uni Hockey Club’s (SUHC) goalkeeper, Kent Haigh returned from Australian Hockey League (AHL) competition to help his First Grade team secure their 1-0 victory over Ryde, on Saturday.

Haigh partnered with Nick Baker to create an impenetrable defence.

‘It was great to have Kent Haigh back on the field, not only for his prowess between the sticks, but also because he is still one of the only men to really know how ‘Our Varsity’ should be sung. Personally, I like it sung in any and every tune possible – so long as we get to keep singing it!’ said Nick Baker.

With only minutes to go, uni was awarded a corner. Tom Lobsey demonstrated sheer pose in stopping the ball so that Wouter Leurink could slot home the winner and send the masses on the sidelines into a cheering frenzy.

The win now places the team at the top of the ladder.

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