There’s opportunity for students from every discipline to start a career in the field of sport. Every possible job is available but working within a sporting context such as finance, marketing, psychology, customer service, science, etc. You will find out how your area of specialisation applies to these fields, how you can start your career and what other opportunities are available for career progression down the track, no matter what degree area you are studying now. There is opportunity for every one!

Rob McCluskey, Director of Recruitment, Sportspeople


When: Thursday 30th April 2009, 1pm -2pm

For current students of the university, please book your attendance at this presentation via the Events Calendar in the Your Careers Centre database, located at http://www.careers.usyd.edu.au/ . You’ll also find location details when you book in. For staff and other members of the SUSF, please contact [email protected] for this information and to reserve your place.

This lecture will also cover the following topics in relation to the sports industry:

  • An overview of the industry and where it is moving to in the future

  • Researching tips on how to find opportunities in these fields

  • Starting roles and earning expectations

  • What employers are looking for and how to make yourself attractive to them

  • Preparation tips on how to get your foot in the door e.g. internships, mentor programs

  • The best things about working in the industry/the worst things about working in that industry

  • Chance to network with actual recruiters in these fields