“Gary Lennon Scholarship to Osland & Carrano”

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Sydney University Swimming Club held its “End of Season BBQ” at North Bondi Beach last Saturday. It was a chance for all members to mix socially away from the pool, playing beach football instead of the hard Saturday morning training session.

This years “Coach V Swimmer” Surf Race was won by Gordon Willis; although, it must be noted that Coach Alderman was overseas and missed this year’s contest!

The highlight of the morning was the announcement of the “Garry Lennon” Scholarship Holders for 2009.

Garry Lennon was a dedicated swimming coach for SUSC until his untimely death in January, 2003. SUSF annually fund two scholarships in his name for junior swimmers.

Garry was a school boy swimming champion at Homebush Boys High School, a weight lifting champion and an early childhood teacher. After teaching for some years he moved into adult education. This took him into the world of corporate training, and much of this work was done throughout Asia. So successful was he in this role that he wrote two books on the topic.

Garry was a passionate swimmer throughout his life; as a youngster he was coached by the world renowned Don Talbot at Auburn Pool. Garry’s drive, determination and devotion to the coaching of his swimmers saw his squads always striving to do their very best.

The male scholarship winner for 2009 is Jayce Carrano.

The female scholarship holder for 2009 is Inez Osland.

The “Garry Lennon” Scholarship pays for swimming tuition fees for an eleven month period, as well as paying for Metropolitan and State Championship entry fees for each recipient.