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First – year Physiotherapy student and Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness scholarship holder Emma Scriven has been selected as a shadow  squad member  for the NSW U18 Hockey Team.  

Scriven joined the Sydney Uni Hockey Club as a junior in 2001 . She says the selection will hopefully lead to a permanent role with the NSW team in future years.

‘I’m quiet pleased to be a shadow, as I wasn’t expecting to make the team. But now I might get a chance to play,’said Scriven.

Scriven says training with several seasoned and experienced State-level players in the Sydney Uni First-Grade hockey team will also assist her development.

‘It’s good being around players who play a high standard of hockey. It makes me a better player. It definately helps,’ said Scriven.

Aisde from her involvement with Sydney Uni Hockey as a player, Scriven also assists with various coaching and umpiring  roles for the club’s indoor and outdoor teams . 

For more information contact:

Shari Wakefield – Communications & Publications Co-ordinator, Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness

Phone: 0407 668 312, Email: [email protected], Web: http://www.susf.com.au/