A winner in both tranquil waters and choppy swell

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Sydney Uni Scholarship Holder Murray Stewart left Olympians in his wake as he won two National titles in Perth.

Stewart took out the K1 500 at the National Flat Water Championships and the Open Single Ski at the Australian Surf Lifesaving Championships, beating Olympians Clint Robinson and Nathan Baggaley .

Stewart made his Manly surf club proud when he won the Australian title, as it had been 61 years since a Manly competitor had won the event at Nationals.

‘This has been the one that I’ve been aiming for and to have it finally happen is a dream come true,’ said Stewart.

The two competitions were distinctly different, with the Flat Water Championships all about speed in crafts that were sleek and fast but unstable. Whereas, the Surf Lifesaving Championships saw Stewart battle the choppy swell in a surf ski.