The Re-birth of Australian University Sailing

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The University of Sydney remains as the last university with a surviving club in NSW and one of only a few active university clubs in Australia. The Sydney Uni Sailing Club almost collapsed in 2007 but since 2008 has slowly been rebuilt, establishing a strong membership base and holding a number of successful events.

Whilst every club needs money, they also need to build support of the sport to maintain sustainability. As a first step towards the re-development, the first university regatta for a number of years will be held in mid March. This event will be open to all classes and will take place under the yard stick system. It is the only NSW regatta to be hosted and run by a University sailing club.

Club equipment has been refurbished, bringing it back to working order allowing students to get out on the water – even on a limited budget. While the boats have been successfully raced, to be seriously competitive, their replacement will be necessary.

In late 2008, The Sailing Club established a foundation to aid in fundraising for the purchase of new equipment that will allow the club to remain sustainable in the future.

Sydney Uni Sailing Club seeks the support of the general sailing community, who can provide important guidance – critical for success of the club and university sailing in Australia.

For more information please contact Shari Wakefield – 9351 8116 or go to or