Congratulations to Sydney Uni’s dual Olympian Trent Franklin

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A big congratulations to Trent Franklin, Captain of the Sydney Uni National League Water Polo team and graduate of Science – currently completing further studies in Commerce here at Sydney Uni.

Trent has recently been appointed as the director to the Australian Olympic Committee Board, Chairman of the AWPI Athletes’ Commission, and Deputy Chairman of the AOC Athletes’ Commission.

When asked what his reaction was to the appointment he said, ‘I certainly felt very privileged to have been elected as the Athletes’ Commission Chariman. Water Polo has been a big part of my life for many years, so it’s a great honor to have the opportunity to contribute back to the sport. It’s very humbling to have been chosen by my peers – people who I have played, travelled, and on some occasions lived with over the past decade – as their representative to the AWPI board.’

In his new role, Trent hopes to be able to draw on the strong network of ex water polo players who are keen to get involved and help out younger players in all areas – including in a sporting sense, career development or general mentoring.

Although Trent does not believe that being an elite athlete is imperative to being able to perform his role successfully. He does recognise that having ‘walked the walk’ he has a greater insight into the issues facing players from club level right up to national teams.

‘Understanding the difficulties of juggling training and competition commitments with professional life/goals is something I’ve experienced in the latter half of my career as a direct result of playing in the national team, but it’s a very relevant issue facing many athletes – what happens after water polo?’

Congratulations Trent Franklin!

By Shari Wakefield