In 2008, Sydney University Australian National Football Club is NOTHING if not the epitome of the cliché, ‘A footy club is like a family’. There are families playing football for the club everywhere you look; brothers in the same teams, brothers in different teams, sons of past greats in teams, new fathers of new families in teams, I could go on and on.

So I will.

This one of the vintage years of our club’s 145 years of existence. The club is both energised by a young leadership already putting their hands up for legend status and invigorated by club stalwarts like Mixta wooed back to the fold. We are, as a club and as a family (sentimentality anyone?) going to celebrate what’s good about it (everything) and we are going to do it BIG.

There will be mini league/auskick games between the Reserves and Seniors games (in association with our friends the Newtown Swans Junior Club), face painting and balloons, jumping castles, show bags, raffle, AFL Celebrity guest, kids fun food stall, BBQ and bar and of course we will allow children onto No.1 for “Half Time Heroes”.

The day is sponsored by Sydney City Toyota with all proceeds from the gate and raffle going to the The Spastic Centre.

Then during the night time it’s time to kick off the shoes and throw on the accessories for the annual mens/womens joint function. Being held at The Lodge, this was a great party last year with slave auctions, boat races and much more.

Location: Oval No.1, Sydney University, Camperdown.
Entry Fee: $5 per person (kids are free)

Schedule of events
9:30am – Reds vs Blues (showdown)
11:30am – Reserves vs East Coast
12:30am – Family Day begins. Nick Malceski and Henry Playfair in attendance
1:15pm – Autographs and photos
1:30pm – Auskick games begin
2:30pm – Seniors vs East Coast
4:30pm – Presentations @ Grandstand
6:30pm – Accessories party @ Lodge

Not only has SUANFC worked assiduously to consolidate certain DNA threads within the club, but the current Executive has pulled out all stops to strengthen the ties that bind – players with the club, and players’ families with club. And that is what we are talking about people. If you have family – any family – get ‘em ‘round the white picket fences of No.1 on Saturday 19th April.

We are calling for Partners and Pets, Mums and Dads, Sons and Daughters, Nephews and Nieces, Grandpas and Grandmas (Wilbur is bringing his love-grandchildren, which is nice), cousins even. If they don’t live in Sydney, try really hard. In fact don’t try, do! (John Kennedy what a man). If they live in Sydney, there will be very few excuses. Our families have been supporting us since I can remember, but now it is time to barrack for us.

Download the poster.