We have training on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sundays throughout the semester, with reduced sessions during exams and holiday seasons.

The Sydney University Taekwondo Club presents individuals from all backgrounds with an opportunity to experience the traditional Korean Martial Art of Taekwondo. ‘Taekwondo’ translates to ‘The way of the foot and fist’, and teaches various hand and foot techniques that will condition your body, sharpen your mind and raise your spirit. 

Our club practices Kyorugi (Sparring) and Poomsae (Patterns) in accordance with Olympic and World Taekwondo Federation standards. Since our inception in 2001, we have produced high-level athletes in both Kyorugi and Poomsae, competing and medaling in Australian Taekwondo recognised State, Varsity and National levels of competitions.

We welcome people of all skill levels, from beginners looking to socialise or learn something new all the way to competitive black belts who are searching for a challenge.