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2024/07/26 00:00:00

Sydney Uni Sport is thrilled to see 34 of our athletes selected to represent their country at the Olympic Games and which are being held in Paris between 26 July – 11 August and a further two representing at the Paralympics between 28 August – 8 September.

Each athlete’s selection is a source of great satisfaction for all of their support networks, including the University of Sydney of which 22 have studied, as well as the Sydney Uni sporting clubs and coaches for whom they have competed. Significantly, their selection is also a ringing endorsement of our fantastic Elite Athlete Program (EAP) which has supported more than 70% of our athletes.

Stay up-to-date on our athlete’s schedules and results via the Athlete Tracker below.

Schedule is subject to change. All times listed are in Central Europe Summer Time (CEST), +8hr for AEST.