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The second phase of the 2023 Water Polo Australia Super League began on Friday night with Sydney University’s men’s and women’s teams contesting Championship Division matches against UTS Balmain Tigers at the Sydney Uni Sports & Aquatics Centre. 

In the home and away round, the two clubs met again at the Dawn Fraser Baths on Sunday, with the Lions coming away with wins in both of the men’s and women’s matches. 

The new format for AWL 2023 has three phases. Phase 1, the Kap7 Cup, was held from January 27 to February 26. The competition was then split into two divisions, with the top six sides going into the Championship Division and the bottom five sides into the Southern Cup Division. Each division will play home and away competitions for five rounds.

As Sydney University finished second on the men’s ladder and fourth on the women’s ladder in Phase 1, they are contesting the Championship Division.

Sydney University Lions accounted for UTS Balmain Tigers 12-10 in the men’s Friday night match. Jake Cavano led the Sydney University scoring with four goals, while Goran Tomasovic (3), William Miller (2), Toby GoldschmidtJacob Mercep and Loui Schuler kept the board ticking over.

The Tigers’ goals came from Ben Lucas (3), Daniel Lawrence (2), Mitch RobinsonSimone BertinoSamuel HughesDaniel Munk and Joel Smith.

The Lions improved on the performance with a 14-8 result in the return clash at Dawn Fraser Baths on Sunday afternoon.

William Miller led the scoring with four goals, with Johnno Cotterill (2), Jacob Mercep (2), Goran Tomasovic (2), Keegan WickenJake CovanoLoui Schuler and Rhys Howden providing the extras. Daniel Lawrence (3), Daniel Munk (2), Harry SandersonSimone Bertino and Nicholas Taylor goaled for the Tigers.

Sydney Uni Lions women’s team opened the Championship Division with a 14-10 result over UTS Balmain Tigers at the Peter Montgomery Pool on Friday night.

Anni Espar Llaquet led the Lions scoring with five goals, while Maud Megens (4), Alexie Lambert (2), Danielle Morrissey (2) and Anneliese Pamp also kept the scoreboard ticking. The Tigers goals came from Sienna Hearn (4), Olivia Mitchell (2), Katie Dudley (2) and Molly Quinn (2).

The Lions backed up on Sunday at Dawn Fraser Baths with a 10-8 result over the Tigers. Maud Megan was on target, sending six to the back of the net, with Belle Humby and Anni Espar Llaquet each scoring doubles. Sienna Hearn (3), Tayla Walsh (2), Katie Dudley (2) and Olivia Mitchell scored for the Tigers.

After five rounds of the Championship Division, the top four men’s and women’s teams will compete in the Championship finals.