Students on Top of the Water Polo Ladder

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Sydney University remain on top of the men’s and women’s Sydney Super League water polo competition ladders after round 6 wins on Saturday.

SU Lions head ACU Cronulla Sharks on goal differences in the men’s SLL 3 competition after accounting Canberra Krakens 16-7, while the Lionesses remain unbeaten in the women’s competition with their 19-4 result over Sydney Northern Beaches Breakers.

Jacob Mercep scored seven goals for the Lions in their big win over the Krakens at the Canberra Institute of Sport pool, with Stefan Despotovic (3), Oscar Douglas (2), Tyler Krenkels (2), Julian van Oorschodt and LouiSchuler also helping the scoreboard along.

Maud Megans and Luci Marsh each bagged five goals Sydney University  Lionesses 19-4 at Pymble Ladies College Pool on Saturday. Sienna Green (3), Belle Humby (2) and Lucinda Gillis, Cassie Clark, Savannah Henshaw and Matilda Waugh also contributed goals.

Men’s Scoreboard

Open Division One


UNSW Wests Magpies 15 (Joe Hubble 6, Matthew Sharp 3, Corrie Eames 3, Richie Campbell 2 and Curtis Bramley goals) defeated SU 13 (Edward Wydell 4, Lucas Young 2, Lewis Saupin 2, Cory Webber, Scott Nicholson, Zac Izzard, Ashton Brown and Ryan Goldschmidt goals) at Ashfield Aquatic Centre on Saturday.


Sydney University Lions 8 (Scott Henderson 2, Tadija Pribakovic 2, Brad Cask 2, Kent Churcher and Rob Izzard goals) defeated UNSW Wests Tigers 5 (Mack McInness 2, Hamish Wood, Nash Kearney and Mark Gilbert goals) at Ashfield Aquatic Centre on Saturday.

Women’s Scoreboard

Open Division Two


SU Lionesses 11 (Aspen Henderson 4, Lucy Levenberg-Penklis 2, Cassie Clark 2, Matilda Waugh, Lucinda Gillis and Madissyn Powells goals) defeated UNSW Wests Killer Whales 8 (Nikki Collins 3, Dayna Garside 3, Michaela Dyson and Carson Broad goals) at Ashfield Aquatic Centre on Saturday.


UNSW Wests Killer Whales 10 (Chelsea Isaac 3, Kia Hueston 2, Gemma Allen 2, Sienna Thompson 2 and Sienna Julien) defeated SU Lionesses 6 (Lucy Levenberg-Penklis 2, Mia Glasel 2, Tiahna Riley and Jessica Herbert goals) at Ashfield Aquatic Centre on Saturday.


SU Blue 9 (Amy Tzioumis 5, Georgia Warren and Olivia Clyne goals) defeated Ryde Teal 5 at Ryde Aquatic Centre on Wednesday.

Summer Metro Men’s Juniors


SNB Breakers Blue 16 (William Donnan 5, Hugo Cooke 4, Brody Semmens 2, Ale Lanssens 2, Kai Cagan and Samuel Northcate goals) defeated SU 2 (Tom Learmonth and Geogre Nixon goals) at Ashfield Aquatic Centre on Sunday.


UNSW Wests Black 5 defeated SU White 0 at Auburn Ruth Everess Aquatic Centre on Sunday.

Summer Metro Women’s Juniors


SU White 11 (Amelie Zuza Tita 3, Lillian Wenmahs 3, Sophia Atra 2, Juliette Trbojevic, Kiana Kavanagh and Lucinda Gladstone goals) defeated Drummoyne 1 (Hannah Jamieson) at Ryde Aquatic Centre on Sunday.


SU Gold 11 (Tara Williams 4, Charlotte Doyle 3, Honor Wenderoth 2, Allyah Vueti and Sophie Spencer goals) defeated Drummoyne 2 (Hannah Jamieson and Summer Tuxford goals) at Ryde Aquatic Centre on Sunday.

ACU Cronulla 9 (Sophie Rathbone 2, Kylie Wood 2, Sienna Brischetto 2, Emily Lewis, Keira Hepburn and Zoe Ripon goals) defeated SU 0 at Ryde Aquatic Centre on Sunday.