Sydney University Take Trophies for Men’s and Women’s Eight

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It was a record turnout this Sunday at Darling Harbour when the long-awaited Australian Boat Race took to the waters once more. The University of Sydney won the Australian Women’s and Men’s Eight in a clear decider. The University of Melbourne got amongst the winner’s circle claiming Gold for the Men’s and Women’s College Races, with Trinity and Ormond championing First Place, respectively.

Setting out a strong start, the Sydney Women’s Eight took the lead early on, keeping a strong pace and stretching it out as they crossed along the Harbour out of Woolwich. Many of the Women’s Eight were seasoned athletes of the Australian Boat Race.

In the boat was first-time captain Jaime Ford as stroke, followed by teammates Ella Mentzines, Tara Rigney (OLY), Eleanor Price, Emily Sheppard, Zoe McKellar, Nikki Greenland and Lucy Coleman at the bow. In cox was Talia Barnet-Hepples, and reserves were Sophia Wightman and Ella Cassin.

Melbourne University won the coin toss challenge for the Women’s Eight, with captain Eliza Gaffney opting for the South Lane. In their boat was captain and stroke Eliza Gaffney, followed by Sara de Uray, Zara Lavery, Stephanie Gordon, Brooke Doolan, Romy Cantwell, Katerina Bitzios, Louisa Bongrain in bow and cox. Hayley Verbunt. Their reserve was Evelyn Dow.

Sydney University’s Men’s Eight won with a strong lead, rowing with a seasoned crew with an average age of 27, compared to the average age in the Melbourne Men’s Eight, which was 21. In the Men’s Eight for Sydney was captain and stroke Jackson Kench, followed by Will O’Shannessy, Nick Mirow, David Bartholot, Ryan Gibson, Kieran Riach, Marcus Britt and Henry Ryan at the bow. The cox was Lizzie Bolster, and in reserves were Hamish Danks and Tom Anderson.

Melbourne University won the coin toss challenge for the race, with captain Fraser Miscamble selecting the South Lane for their starting point. Melbourne’s Men’s crew were captain Fraser Miscamble with stroke Felix Oliver, followed by Tom McPhail, Alexander Colley, Thomas Caine, Joe Bryant, Hamish Nicol, and Damian Schroder at the bow. In the cox were Ellie Buchanan and Alex Coleman in reserve.

For the Women’s College Race, it was Wesley v. Ormond, with Ormond securing first place in a 23-second lead. It was a close one in the Men’s College Race, with Trinity college securing gold with only 0.26 seconds ahead of St Paul’s College of Sydney University.

Jackson Kench, captain of the Sydney University Men’s Eight, said, “This event’s pretty special…To be back racing here, it’s really special. You get to pull on a club Zootie and race for the university and your boat club as well…having the college crews involved is really special.”

The Australian Boat Race dedicates itself to a long-held tradition and friendly rivalry between Australia’s two oldest universities. Sydney University and Melbourne University have produced some of the World’s best rowers, offering leading elite athlete programs while fostering academic pursuits.