Rowing Away with Golds at UniSport Nationals

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In a massive three days of racing, Sydney University takes the overall Final Point Score for Rowing, with 238 points for Men’s and 212 for Women’s-totally 450 points overall for UniSport Nationals. It was neck and neck between the Students and The University of Technology (UTS), with the third day of races calling the outcome. UTS came second with 414 points.

The Students came away with 5 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze in the UniSport Rowing Regatta.

The last day of races in the A-Finals saw Gold for Sydney University in the Men’s Coxed Eight with at the Bow, Benjamin Boman, then Tom Anderson, Hamish Danks, Nick Mirow, Kieran Riach, Torben Ungemach, Ryan Gibson, Stroke: Henry Ryan and Cox: Emily Jowett-Blinman with a time of 6:05:05. UTS came in second with a time of 6:06:18.

The Women’s Coxed Eight secured Gold with a lead of 12 seconds at 7:24:25, with UTS coming in second. At the Bow was Ella Cassin, then Nicola Greenland, Stephanie Prellar, Sophia Wightman, Zoe McKellar, Emily Sheppard, Ella Mentzines, Stroke: Jaime Ford and Cox: Elizabeth Bolster.

The Men’s Coxed Four took Gold with at the Bow: Tom Anderson, followed by Hamish Danks, Torben Ungemach, Stroke: Kieran Riach and Cox: Elizabeth Bolster.

The Men’s Coxless Pair were Henry Ryan at Bow and Ryan Gibson at Stroke making the time 7:45.43 with Curtin University’s Alex Cecchele and Hayden Coote coming in a close second with 7:46.74.

The Women’s Coxless Pair secured Gold in a strong lead by 7 seconds, with Ella Mentzines at the Bow and Jaime Ford for Stroke. Australian National University secured Silver.

The Students gained Silver in the Women’s Single Scull with Nicola Greenland the Women’s Coxed Four with at the Bow: Tiffany Botha, followed by Lily Gavan, Sophia Wightman, Stroke: Stefanie Preller and Cox: Elizabeth Bolster. Nick Mirow secured the Bronze in the Men’s Single Scull.

For many universities, this event is considered the Olympics for students around Australia. After its two-year covid hiatus, the Nationals were back, and Sydney University Boat Club came ready for the challenge.