150 Years of Intervarsity Sport Celebrated

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On 20 December, 1870, the first Intervarsity cricket match and boat race between the University of Melbourne and the University of Sydney took place in Melbourne. Now, exactly 150 years later, we celebrate the milestone and the enormous growth of Intervarsity Sport since.

From Australian University Games to the Australian Boat Race, the University of Sydney has enjoyed a century-and-a-half of success, with plenty of excitement about 2021’s Intervarsity calendar, commencing in March 2021 with the new University Basketball League, where we will proudly host student-athletes from across the country.

The competition and camaraderie between Australian universities remains strong, and despite not being able to celebrate on 150 years of Intervarsity Sport this year, we look forward to 2021 where plans are being made to host a belated celebration in partnership with the University of Melbourne and MUSport.

See MU Sport’s tribute to the anniversary here.

1988 Intervarsity VIII Rowing
Intervarsity 1899 Melbourne, Sydney Won by 5 Wickets
John Morris Challenge Cup – Sydney Uni Intervarsity Cricket Trophy