Scoreboard is a wrap-up of the efforts of Sydney University athletes and teams through the past week, collated by Graham Croker. Stories on some of the performances also appear in the News section.


Women’s National Basketball League – Round 9

Townsville Fire 61 (Tess Magden 15, Darcee Garbin 15, Bridget Carleton 13, Abby Bishop 11) defeated Sydney Uni Flames 57 (Alex Wilson 20) at Townsville Stadium on Sunday.



NSW Premier competition – Round 8 (Two-Day matches)

First Grade: Sydney University 9(dec)-400 off 91 overs (Tim Cummins 156, Liam Robertson 130; Jacob Heinrich 4-88, David Ball 4-93) versus Northern District 2-3 off three overs (Joe Kershaw 2-3) stumps,day one at Mark Taylor Oval on Saturday. Toss: Northern District. Batted first: Sydney University.


Second Grade: Northern District 150 off 70 overs (Chad Saper 55 not out;  Max Hope 5-38, Kieran Tate 2-31) versus Sydney University 1-42 off 27 overs (Tom Fullerton 27 not out) stumps, day one at University Oval. Toss: Sydney University on Saturday. Batted first: Northern District.


Third Grade: Sydney University 265 off 78.2 overs (Bennett Walsh 66, Ben Mitchell 47, Henry Clark 36 not out; Phil Melville 4-42, Daniel Alleyn 4-51) versus Northern District, stumps, day one at Asquith Oval on Saturday. Toss: Northern District. Batted first: Sydney University. 


Fourth Grade: Northern District 8-293 (Warren Saldana 64, Cameron Tunks 43, Clayton Waters 40, William Giacometti 37, Rex Greaves 2-44, Alasdair Grant 2-44) versus Sydney University, stumps, day one at St Paul’s College Oval on Saturday. Toss: Sydney University. Batted first: Northern District.


Fifth Grade: Sydney University 9(dec)-308 off 73 overs (Azhar Saeed 117, Andrew Wilkinson 83; Pat Murton 3-74) versus Northern District 1-14 off five overs, stumps, day one at Storey Park on Saturday. Toss: Northern District. Batted first: Sydney University.



Poidevin-Gray Shield – Round 5 (Limited overs)

Sydney University 8-249 off 50 overs (no details) defeated Parramatta 217 off 47 overs (Harrison King 79) by 32 runs at Old King’s Oval on Sunday. Toss: Sydney University. Batted first: Sydney University. Points: Sydney University 6, Parramatta 0. 



NSW Women’s Premier competition – Round 5 (Limited Overs)

First Grade: Gordon 6-155 off 42 overs (Charlotte Abbeveld 38, Heidi Cheadle 29; Sophie Munro 2-22, Samantha Robinson 2-23) defeated Universities 154 off 48.2 overs (Erica James 45, Olivia Porter 42, Stella Campbell 23; Shannon Heath 3-25, Phoebe Thompson 3-28) by four wickets at David Phillips South on Sunday. Toss: Universities. Batted first: Universities. Points: Gordon 6, Universities 0.


Second Grade:  Universities 7-123 off 41.2 overs (Kate Owen 28, Kirsten Wraith 24, Darshana Kannan 22; Caroline Layt 2-18) defeated Gordon 122 off 41.2 overs (Caroline Layt 52; Bernice Harpley 3-24, Kirsten Wraith 2-19) by three wickets at Killara Park on Sunday. Toss: Universities. Batted first: Gordon. Points: Universities 6, Gordon 0.


Brewer Shield – Round 2 (Limited Overs)

Gordon 3-268 off 40 overs (Kinjai Kumari 103 ret not out, Lauren Kua 63, Sara Chun 45; Ellie Shephard 1-31) defeated Universities   Universities 81 off 36.1 overs (Sarah Brine 22; Lauren Kua 3-4, Amy Hale 2-9, Emma Ridley 2-11) by by 187 runs at D?avid Phillips North on Sunday. Toss: Gordon. Batted first: Gordon. Points: Gordon 6, Universities 0.