Sydney University need to put St George Dragons to the sword at Olds Park this Saturday to set themselves up for a shot at the minor premiership in the Sydney AFL Premier Division competition.

Sydney University kept their tilt at the minor premiership alive on Saturday with a 99-55 win over Inner West Magpies, setting themselves up for the Saints, followed by home games against competition leaders UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs on 10 August and third-placed Pennant Hills Demons on 17 August to round out the season proper.

Table toppers UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs are on 56 points, having dropped just one game in 15 rounds – to North Shore Bombers in Round 3 – with Sydney University (52), Pennant Hills Demons (36), East Coast Eagles (36), and Inner West Magpies (24) making up the top six.

Sydney University disposed of the seventh-placed Dragons 131-42 in the opening round of the season, so a repeat is in order setting them up for a revenge match against the Bulldogs the following weekend.

Their Round 5 tussle went down to the wire, with the Bulldogs getting home 65-63; having kicked 10-5 to University’s 9-9.

Damien Bonney, Samuel Gilfedder and Jack Fox each kicked three goals in Saturday’s 15.9: 99 to 7.14: 55 win over Inner West Magpies.

Meanwhile, Sydney University moved into sixth place on the NEAFL ladder with a hard-fought 97-90 win over Aspley at Voxson Oval, Brisbane, on Saturday.

Josh Stern led the way with six goals for Sydney University as they ended a hot streak by the Hornets.

Sydney University coach Tom Morrison was very happy with the performance.

“We’ve worked really hard at a couple of elements of our game and turned those elements around from a season standpoint,” he told Ben Hunter.

“It’s hard to beat Aspley here, they’re obviously the form side of the competition bar Brisbane, so we knew what we were up against.”

“Players just playing our style of play; showing improvement across those six weeks; the effort was just there today.”

Sydney University can consolidate with a third win in a row when they host the Canberra Demons this Saturday.



NEAFL – Round 17

Sydney University 14.13: 97 (Joshua Stern 6, Harry Morrison 3, Nicholas Foster, Darcy Cordell, Jack Hiscox, Tristan Davies, Samuel Tagliabue) defeated Aspley 13.12: 90 (Jonathan Freeman 4, Connor Stackelberg 3, James Nelis 2, Thomas Baulch, Matthew Payne, Lonnie Hampton) at Voxson Oval, Brisbane, on Saturday.

Best Players

Aspley: Gavin Grose, Jonathan Giles, Jonathan Freeman, Lonnie Hampton.

Sydney University: Joshua Stern, Ned Reinhard, Jake Bartholomaeus, Samuel Tagliabue, Timothy Barton, William Sierakowski.



Sydney Premier Division – Round 15 


Premier Division: Sydney University  15.9: 99 (Damien Bonney 3, Samuel Gilfedder 3, Jack Fox 3, Thomas Byrnes, Matthew Powys, Hamish Elliott, David Johnson, Malcolm Picken, Riley Lucas) defeated Inner West Magpies 7.14: 55 (Ben Zoppo 3, Tyler Blake, Elliott Harper, Kai Watts, Matthew Magee) at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Best players:

Sydney University:  David Johnson, Spencer Krochmal, Jack Fox, Jacob Swarts, Wesley Greenaway, Malcolm Picken.

Inner West Magpies: Patrick Wilmot, Matthew Belbasis, Daniel O’Connell, Jock White, Ben Zoppo, Tyler Blake.


Reserve Grade: Sydney University  16.23: 119 (James Lees 4, Samuel Jensen 3, Dylan Smyth 3, Braydon Pilot 2, Lloyd Perris 2, Ronan Geraghty, Harry Lalor) defeated Inner West Magpies 3.3: 21 (Simon Stephens 2, Arron Convery) at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Kyle Underwood, Ben Fitzpatrick, Xavier Nelson, Oliver Bourke, Nicholas Bowen, David Gardiner.

Inner West Magpies: Daniel Lawrence, Simon Stephens, Rory Johnson, Hugh McArthur, Timothy Lambert, Robert Bamford.


Division One: Sydney University 15,12: 102 (Kyall Homberg 4, Jack Gardiner 2, Joshua Cutrupi 2, Joshua Toyer, Chris Mohen, James Mason, Jonathan Hooper, Josh Gregory, Michael Gazeas, Gabriel Beech-Jones) defeated Wollondilly Knights 3.10: 28 (Jason Haddock 2, William Wardle) at Hannaford Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Wollondilly Knights:  James Weston, Jay Hamilton, Shaun Paget, Joshua O’Riordan, Daniel Hockey, Jason Haddock.

Sydney University: James Mason, Joshua Toyer, Gabriel Beech-Jones, Lachlan Bennetts-Inkster, Ned Rohrt.


Division Two: Sydney University: bye.


Division Three: Sydney University 14.10: 94 (Matthew Jensen 5, Isaac Summers 2, Alex Antoniazi 2, Jacob Reddie 2, Matthew Wonders, Oscar McAleese) defeated North Shore Bombers Red 3.2: 20 at Mahoney Park on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Matthew Jensen, Adam Laughlan-Bowlby, Isaac Summers, Thomas Pope, Alex Antoniazi, Joseph Woodward.


Under 19 Division One: Sydney University 8.7: 55 (Blake Byrne 3, Brendan Ford 2, Aniket Sharma, Lewis Verrell, Che Munro) defeated Camden Cats 3.3: 21 (Patrick Rush, Miles Dent, Cameron Almond) at Fairfax Reserve on Saturday.

Best players

Camden Cats:  Vincent Hreszczuk, Cameron Almond, Mitchell Valher, Patrick Rush, Keegan Passlow, Jackson Hodges.

Sydney University: Josef Wilks, Thomas Linfield-Kent, Justin Raja, Oliver Morgan-August, James Scutella, Blake Byrne.


Under 19 Division Two: Sydney University: bye.


Sydney Women’s Premier Division – Round 15

Premier Division: Sydney University Bombers  8.5: 53 (Aiofe McDonnell 2, Rebecca Mitchell, Julia Hunt, Alice Wood, Lara Creber, Amy Foo, Zoe Hurrell) defeated Inner West Magpies 3.3: 21 (Ella Heads, Michaela Ekman, Lael Kassem) at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University:  Amy Foo, Zoe Hurrell, Kristen Hay, Rebecca Mitchell, Maryanne Harley, Lara Creber.

Inner West Magpies: Kate Lawson, Amelia Causley-Todd, Madeline Convery, Melissa Freckelton, Tayliya Kennedy, Lael Kassem.


Division Two: Sydney University 4.3: 27 (Isabella Gray 2, Gemma Viney, Emma Gelsomino) defeated Campbelltown Blues 1.7: 13 (Caitlin Dixon) at Sydney University Oval on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Isabella Gray, Renae Pritchard, Theodora Von Arnim, Sarah Thompson, Chaylee Reeve, Kate Warnock.

Campbelltown Blues: Jaclyn Hampson, Rebekah Markna, Laura Seeney, Melinda Bell, Carly Finch, Kiona Keyte.