Amar Hadid named a 2019 Australia Day Ambassador

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Image courtesy of Amar Hadid

Amar Hadid is often celebrated as the University of Sydney’s first ever scholarship holder for skateboarding, however this weekend she assumed a different role, chosen by the Australia Day Commission to be the 2019 Australia Day Ambassador for the Hills Shire.

Despite a syndesmosis injury, she engaged in a number of official duties including giving an Australia Day address s helping the Mayor hand out the community awards at Bella Vista Farm among the Hills Shire community.

“This is an opportunity that humbled me and I very much appreciated the honour,” she said.

“To me, Australia Day is about recognising the contributions of all Australians, reflecting on what it means to be Australian and celebrating our shared values.”

“It is also about celebrating contemporary Australia and acknowledging our history (and not forgetting people have lived here for over 40,000 years). To me, being Australian is about unity of all our backgrounds.”

Amar is a current University of Sydney student and member of the Elite Athlete Program, but beyond this, is an outstanding advocate for her community.

Congratulations to Amar.