Scoreboard is a wrap-up of the efforts of Sydney University athletes and teams through the past week, compiled by Graham Croker. Stories on some of the performances also appear in the News section.


Women’s National Basketball League – Round 5

Townsville Fire 85 (Kayla Standish 22, Mia Murray 20, Suzy Batkovic 16) defeated Brydens Sydney Uni Flames 83 (Leilani Mitchell 16, Alex Wilson 13, Carly Boag 12, Belinda Snell 12, Asia Taylor 12) in overtime at Townsville Stadium on Saturday night.

Round 6: Brydens Sydney Uni Flames versus Melbourne Boomers at Brydens Stadium, Sydney Uni Sports and Aquatic Centre, at 7.30pm on Friday night, November 11.



Sydney Men’s Premier competition: Two-Day matches – Round 5

First Grade: Sydney University 7(dec)-340 off 89.9 overs (Nick Larkin 120, Damien Mortimer 61, Liam Robertson 50, Ashton May 39; Henry Thornton 3-64, Ian Moran 1-24) versus Eastern Suburbs 0-15 off four overs, stumps, day one at Sydney University Oval. Toss: Eastern Suburbs. Batted first: Sydney University.

Second Grade: Sydney University 8(dec)-366 off 86 overs (Jack Holloway 131, Will Hay 85, Dugald Holloway 35, Ed Arnott 33 not out, Nicky Craze 30; Udit Mehta 3-55, Matthew Sarkies 2-75, Jacob 2-88) versus Eastern Suburbs 1-29 off eight overs) stumps, day one at Waverley Oval. Toss: Eastern Suburbs. Batted first: Sydney University.

Third Grade: Sydney University 6-192 off 46 overs (Ryan Danne 52, Matthew Powys 51, Alexander Shaw 48; Stephen Lewis 3-34, Jameson Coutts 2-52) versus Eastern Suburbs 56 off 32 overs (no details provided) stumps, day one at St Paul’s College Oval. Toss: Eastern Suburbs. Batted first: Eastern Suburbs.

Fourth Grade: Sydney University versus Eastern Suburbs at Trumper Park (no details provided).

Fifth Grade: Eastern Suburbs 283 off 72.2 overs (no details provided) versus Sydney University 1-11 off five overs, stumps, day one at Camperdown Oval. Toss: Eastern Suburbs. Batted first: Eastern Suburbs.

Sydney Metropolitan Cup competition: Two-Day matches ‑ Round 5

Penrith 6-165 off 45 overs (Joshua Dowd 75, Michael Organ 44, Matthew Sullivan 43 not out) versus Sydney University 135 off 44.3 overs (Patrick Carfax 44, Murray Miles 22) stumps, day one at Rance Oval. Toss: Sydney University. Batted first: Sydney University.

Sydney Women’s Premier competition – Round 4

First Grade: Universities versus Penrith at Howell Oval on Sunday (details to come).

Second Grade: Parramatta 3-313 off 50 overs (no details available) defeated Universities 6-123 off 50 overs (Zoe Benjamin 52, Lian Lam 27) by 190 runs, with a bonus point, at Merrylands Oval on Sunday. Toss: Parramatta. Batted first: Parramatta. Points: Parramatta 7, Universities 0.

Third Grade: Gordon 6-290 (Kylie Hocknell 52 ret/not out, Nikita Pawar ret/not out, Kristen Dorsch 50 ret/not out; Malina Rumble 2-36, Erica James 1-31, Vanessa White 1-29) defeated Universities Blue 154 off 29.4 overs (Erica James 86 not out, Malina Rumble 27; Nikita Pawar 6-28, Shagufta Barkat 3-23) by 136 runs at Tonbridge St Reserve on Sunday. Toss: Gordon. Batted first: Gordon. Points: Gordon 6, Universities 0.