Sydney Uni Athletic Club’s Rio representative Anneliese Rubie has once again teamed up with fellow Women’s 400m Olympian, Morgan Mitchell, to help the World’s Greatest Athlete, Usain Bolt, launch Nitro Athletics in Melbourne.  

Sydney Uni Sport and Fitness ( SUSF) Elite Program scholar, Rubie, who made the semi-final in both the Rio Women’s individual and relay 400m, was centre stage alongside Bolt as this blockbuster Athletics Australia initiative was introduced to the media on Friday, November 4. 2016.  

Rubie can now boast she has been cruisin’ with the world’s fastest human, as the trio arrived at the event in spectacular fashion via a motor launch on the Yarra River.

Nitro Athletics is expected to inject a supersonic blast of energy into the Australian Athletics scene as it presents three nights of what promises to be unique action at Melbourne’s Lakeside Stadium in February 2017. Field and para-athletic events will be included.

Promising to surprise and entertain, yet retain the highest level of competitiveness, organisers have said the program will be a team’s affair event and will put a new spin on traditional athletics events.

In the novel format, which captured Bolt’s imagination, Nitro Athletics will feature six teams of 24 athletes (12 women and 12 men). Bolt will captain and compete for the “Bolt All-Stars.”  It is hoped some of the SUSF Rio athletic contingent will participate.

(Image via Nitro Athletics