Over the weekend the Sydney Uni Archery Club had two representatives compete in the NSW Short Course State Championships. Teresa Nguyen performed exceptionally, returning home from competition with a bronze medal – a feat that the club has not achieved in five years. 

Nguyen competed in the Women’s Open Barebow Recurve division – where the competitor does not shoot with stabilisers or sights on her bow. Her final score was 129 out of a possible 900 points which is fantastic given there are no handicaps. 

The clubs second representative was President, Eduardo Delos Reyes who competed in the Men’s Open Freestyle Recurve division. This is an Olympic event and is different to barebow recurve in that stabilisers and sights are permitted on your bow. Reyes, though disapointed with his result still performed strongly to finish 11th in the state with a score of 694 out of a possible 900 points. His personal best in this division is an impressive 777 which would have placed him 5th of the day had he returned that result.

In archery, a short course refers to the number of arrows shot by the competitor and the distance from the target which has a 122cm face. In a short course competition the archer recieves 30 arrows at 60m, 30 arrows at 50m and 30 arrows at 40m.  

The Sydney University Archery Club hopes to enter competitors into the Target State Championships on October 15. This is a physically taxing event, where each representative is required to shoot 144 arrows at distances up to 90m – a significant different to the 60m length reached at the Short Courses over the weekend.