Wet Weather Round saw 4 teams enjoy a weekend off football, while the NEAFL, Reds, Golds and Plats all fought for 4 points.

5th Grade Golds: Sydney AFL Division 4

The Golds boosted their percentage on the weekend, following a 112-point win over Randwick at No.1 Oval.

Despite the impressive margin, it was the Golds backline who shone in the win, holding the Randwick forwards scoreless for the entire 4 quarters.

Tim Ley booted a season-high 7 goals, while Chris Mohen and Jordan Sanders were unstoppable in the middle of the ground.

The Golds remain in 4th placed, equal on points with UTS, Macquarie University and St George, with a pivotal match against 2nd-placed UNSW scheduled for this Saturday.

Final Score: Sydney University 16.16 112 def. Randwick City 0.0 0.


4th Grade Reds: Sydney AFL Division 2

The Reds hosted Randwick on Saturday at No.1 Oval, with just 1 game separating the two sides on the ladder.

Randwick started the better of the two sides, going into quarter time with a 17-point lead.

The second quarter saw Randwick dominate the scoreboard, kicking 5 goals to 2, before a spirited comeback in the third quarter saw the Reds reduce the 31-point halftime lead to just 15 points at the final break.

Randwick once again took control of the game, extending their lead to 43 points by the final siren.

Brent Pollock was named best afield down back, while Sam Crichton and Charles Allworth were also among the best for the Reds.

Final Score: Sydney University 8.8 56 def. by Randwick City 13.21 99.


1st Grade Seniors: NEAFL

The SUANFC NEAFL side enjoyed their first ever win over Redland on the weekend, following a hard fought 9-point victory at Blacktown on Saturday.

Redland controlled the first quarter with great tackling pressure, keeping SUANFC to just 1 goal in the first quarter.

The second quarter saw SUANFC wrestle back the momentum, kicking 2 goals to Redland’s 0, to lead by 2 points at the main break.

SUANFC wasted numerous chances int he third quarter, kicking 2.4, while Redland regained the lead after kicking 3.2.

The final quarter saw both teams throw everything they had at the 4 points, with Redland’s season on the line and SUANFC pushing for 2nd place.

The two sides shared goals in the opening stages of the 4th quarter, before SUANFC sealed a famous win with the last 2 goals from Kane Murphy and Sam Fong.

Lewis Stevenson and Matt Rawlinson each gathered 25 disposals, while Tom Ayton, Will Sierakowski and Sam Fong were also valuable contributors.

Final Score: Sydney University 8.12 60 def. Redland 7.9 51.

6th Grade Plats: Sydney AFL Division 5

In their biggest game of 2016 so far, the Plats trumped Macquarie University by 108 points to move into 5th spot on the Division 5 ladder.

The Plats got off to a fast start, kicking 5 goals to zip in the first quarter, before extending their lead to 62 by halftime.

Macquarie University hung tough in the third, kicking 2 goals, but still couldn’t stop the Plats forward line, conceding 4 goals to fall further behind.

A 7 goal final quarter saw the Plats leapfrog Macquarie University into 5th place before their clash with 2nd-placed UNSW this Saturday.

Jared Boccanfuso and Paul Oscar shared 11 goals between them, while Kieran Matic and Chas Wilkinson were standouts in the midfield.

Final Score: Macquarie University 4.2 26 def. by Sydney University 19.20 134.