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The Sydney University Wrestling Club is pleased to announce it will be introducing an “intermediate” kid’s class in Term 2.

The class will run on Saturdays from 10-11:30am at Brydens Dojo Gym and are suitable for children with no experience, ageing from 12 upwards. The classes will focus on acrobatics, gymnastics, safe tackling, fitness, games and fun.

Coached by ex-olympian, Yassine Djakrir, who also takes the Greco Roman Tuesday night for Adults, this new addition to the Wrestling Club’s roster follows the success of the kid’s classes introduced for the first time at the start of the year.

The beginners’ kid’s class are also very excited about the in-house competition organised for April 8th, where ex-Olympian Brett Cash will make a guest appearance to referee and see what the students have learned throughout the term.

The class, which now sees around 12 kids ranging from ages 7 – 14 attending each week, is a good mix of boys and girls and the games seem to be the winner.

Student Eddy Holmes, 8 years old from Erskineville loves playing Simpsons bullrush.

“I always pick Bart because he gets called out the most. It’s like normal bullrush except you do it on your knees and the person in the middle has to wrestle you to your back,” he said.

Call Robyn on 0408 248 217 to book now and bring a friend for one free lesson.