Sydney University are a win away from a top four berth in the North East AFL competition after their 75-point win over Sydney Swans at the Sydney Cricket Ground on Friday night.

The Students kicked 18 goals in the 116-41 shellacking, with Timothy Barton, Nicholas Winmar and Jacob Derickx each bagging three.

UWS Giants maintained the competition lead on 36 points after 12 rounds of the competition. Aspley are also on 36 points, but second on percentages, ahead of Sydney Swans and Northern Territory Thunder on 28 points.

Sydney University are outright fifth on 24 points, but that could change this Saturday when they take on ninth-placed Gold Coast Suns at Blacktown International Sports Park, with a 10.45 kick-off.

At the same time the third-placed Swans will be up against UWS Giants, while NT Thunder will tackle ninth-placed Gold Coast Suns. Should the Giants, the Suns and the Students triumph, Sydney University would move into the top four.

Meanwhile, in the Sydney Men’s Premier competition, Sydney University won the Premier Division, Division One and Division Three matches against UNSW-Eastern Suburbs on Saturday.

They also accounted for Camden Cats in Division Four and Manly Warringah in the Under 19 competition, with the only loss on the day coming in the Division Five match against UNSW-Eastern Suburbs.

And to wrap up a big day for campus AFL, Sydney University also won the Women’s Premier match against UNSW-Eastern Suburbs to maintain the competition lead.


North East AFL – Round 12

Sydney University 18.8: 116 (Timothy Barton 3, Nicholas Winmar 3, Jacob Derickx 3, Tom Young 2, Aaron Day, Sam Fong, Matthew Rawlinson, Jordan Law, Stephen Wray, Max Wilson, Lewis Stevenson) d Sydney Swans 5.11: 41 (Brandon Jack 2, Dean Towers, Xavier Richards, Daniel Robinson) at the Sydney Cricket Ground on Friday.

Best players

Sydney University: Matthew Rawlinson, Tom Young, Jacob Derickx, Lewis Stevenson.

Sydney Swans: Brandon Jack, Jordan Foote, Dean Towers, Xavier Richards, Harrison Marsh.


Sydney Men’s Premier competition – Round 10

Premier Division: Sydney University 23.10: 148 (Matthew Powys 5, Ben Hawtin 4, Zachary Fyffe 4, Spencer Krochmal 3, James Lewington 2, Christopher Browne 2, Montgomery Krochmal, Lachlan Maples, Daniel Frawley) d UNSW-Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 10.6: 64 (Ryan Farrelly 3, Edward Kiel 2, Harry Annear 2, Alex McKenzie, Jeremy Daniher, Timothy Widmar) at the Village Green on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Daniel Frawley, Aron Everett, Montgomery Krochmal, Lachlan Maples, Matthew Powys, Alexander, Hawtin.

UNSW-Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs: Timothy Widmar, Edward Kiel, Harry Annear, Jack McAnespie, Alex McKenzie, Joel Robbie.


Division One: Sydney University 10.16: 76 (Harry Bown 3, Jarryd Boyd 2, Dominic Vincent 2, Andrew MacPherson, John Walsh, Luke Freemantle) d UNSW-Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 5.11: 41 (Joseph Byrnes, Ben Mckenna, Jack Erickson, Christopher Jourdain, Matthew Dedes) at the Village Green on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Andrew MacPherson, Christopher Reichman, Jarryd Boyd, Ben Fitzpatrick, Sam Ryan, Dominic Vincent .

UNSW-Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs: Nicholas McGann, Mark Macdonald, Joseph Byrnes, Aaron Bantoft, Tate Meredith, Ben Mckenna.


Division Three: Sydney University 11.13: 79 (Gabriel Robbie 3, Brent Pollock 2, Ben Sewell 2, Nicholas Lloyd, Gordon Willis, Alexander Harmer, Trent Millsteed) d UNSW-Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 6.11: 47 (John Harding 2, David Backler, Lachlan Simpson, Hamish McLean, Alexander Dawes) at the Village Green on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Riordan Lee, Brendon Clendenning, Brent Pollock, Nicholas Lloyd, Trent Millsteed, Stephen Lloyd.

UNSW-Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs: Keiron Costello, Hamish McLean, Rhys Williams, Luke Hedge, Adam Martin, Reuben Taucher.

Division Four: Sydney University 14.13: 97 (Paul Oscar 3, Lachlan Godfrey 2, Tristan Liles 2, Jared Boccanfuso 2, Michael Lloyd, Peter Lloyd, Sammi Sciberras) d Camden Cats 6.6: 42 (Stephen Mann 5, Bemjamin Reid) at Mahoney Park on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Mitchell Herps, Micael Fogarty, Jordan Sanders, Peter Lloyd, Paul Oscar, Christopher. Wilde.

Camden Cats: Benjamin Grasso, James Merrick, Liam Jesson, Matthew Wells, Stephen Mann, Liam Kennedy.


Division Five: UNSW-Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 17.13: 115 (Sam Wright 6, John Hook 4, Nicholas Dowsett 2, Richie Cosgrave 2, Dean Hughey, Cillian Stritch, Damien Quinn) d Sydney University 4.8: 32 (Luke Girgis 3, Scott Walker) at the Village Green on Saturday.

Best players

UNSW-Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs: Liam Gleeson, Miles Cope-Summerfield, Cillian Stritch, Andrew Yanitsas, Nicholas Dowsett, Jake Reid.

Sydney University: Paul Markou, Dale Mealing-Holland, Robert Lay, Luke Taylor, Curtis Judge, Luke Girgis.

Under 19 Division One: Sydney University 12.9: 81 (Oliver Wetzlar 3, Harry Harvey 2, William Stratford 2, Samuel Clark , Daniel Black, William Combe, Ethan Willis, Nicholas Bertino) d Manly Warringah Giants 10.8: 68 (Brady Holland 3, Benjamin Wickham 2, Dean Meadows 2, Jackson Williams, Jack Field, Gregory Burke) at Mahoney Park on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University: Daniel Black, Nicholas Bertino, Samuel Reed, Samuel Clark, Oliver Wetzlar, William Combe.

Manly Warringah Giants: Gregory Burke, Dean Meadows, Timothy Curtis, Benjamin Wickham, Brady Holland, Patrick O’Hara.

Sydney Women’s Premier competition – Round 9

Sydney University Bombers 10.3: 63 (Belinda Michalk 3, Tammy Callaghan 2, Ashlee Morgan, Emma Yuen, Lara Creber, Stephanie Walker, Jennifer Lew) d  UNSW-Eastern Suburbs Stingrays 2.1: 13 (Holly Coggle 2) at the Village Green on Saturday.

Best players

Sydney University Bombers: Sera Kaukiono, Jennifer Lew, Kyrsten Winkley, Rachael Stack, Belinda Michalk, Felice Tong.

UNSW-Eastern Suburbs Stingrays: Jacinda Barclay, Holly Coggle, Melita Morriss, Mai Nguyen, Madelane Collier, Hannah McIntosh.