Nine Sydney University Women’s Rugby (SUWR) players have been selected to represent Sydney Women’s Rugby at the ARU National Championship later this month at St Ignatius College Riverview, Sydney.

Brittany Malele, Penelope Leiataua, Fiona Jones, Grace Hamilton, Barbara Waddell, Ashleigh Hewson, Kim Davey, Emily Chancellor and Michelle Bailey were firstly named in the 30-man squad to play at the Women’s Representative Rugby Carnival which was held in Campbelltown on Sunday June 7th. Following successful matches against both NSW Country and ACT, the nine impressed coaches and were selected in the final 24-man squad to compete at Nationals from Wednesday June 24th to Friday June 26th, 2015.

Ashleigh Hewson along with Michelle Bailey have both previously been part of the Australian Wallaroos squad. Hewson has played in two Women’s Rugby World Cups and has also represented Australia playing soccer for the Matildas. Australian selectors will be present at the ARU National Championships and will be selecting a squad of 40 players to attend a camp at Bond University later this year.

Following Nationals, the representative Sydney players have been given the opportunity to play in NZ in March, 2016.

SUWR has been successful this season and are currently equal first in the competition. Uni takes on Waverley Rugby Club this Saturday for Round 6 before moving into the second half of the season.