Sydney University teams recorded a clean sweep in Round 2 matches in the Sydney Volleyball League at Olympic Park Sports Hall on Sunday.

The Men’s Honours team recorded a 3-2 result over UTS, while the Division I side defeated South Coast 3-0 and the Division II side accounted for SSSCC 3-2.

In the women’s ranks, Sydney University Honours team had the bye, while the Division 1 side defeated South Coast 3-nil.

The Men’s Honours ranks of the Sydney Volleyball League have welcomed teams from Sydney West Volleyball and the Sydney Hawks, to cover the loss of Sydney Cedars from the men’s and women’s Honours competitions in 2014.

The Women’s Division 1 competition has 11 teams this year, with the draw featuring double-headers throughout the season. And the return of Illawarra has also created double-headers in the Men’s Division I competition.



Sydney Volleyball League – Round 1


Men’s Honours: UTSB 3 d Sydney University 2.

Men’s Division 1: Sydney University 3 d UNSW 2.

Men’s Division 2: Sydney University 3 d EAG 1.

Women’s Honours: UTS 3 d Sydney University 1.

Women’s Division 1: UNSW 3 d Sydney University 0.

Sydney Volleyball League – Round 2


Men’s Honours: Sydney University 3 d UTS 2.

Men’s Division I: Sydney University 3 d South Coast 0.

Women’s Division 2: Sydney University 3 d SSSCC 2.

Women’s Honours: Sydney University bye.

Women’s Division 1: Sydney University 3 d South Coast 0.