Shaolin Short Stick Fighting Workshop a big success

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There was a mix of old and new faces at the successfully run Sydney University Kempo-Karate Club Shaolin Short Stick Fighting Workshop, held on Sunday (December 1) at the Brydens Group Fitness Room, Sydney Uni Sports & Aquatic Centre.

The workshop was run by Shaolin Master Serge Martich-Osterman, who has been teaching Shaolin at the University of Sydney since 1965.

“It was gratifying  that all participants were focused on the action and refused to be distracted,” explained Martich-Osterman.

“The basis of advancement in Shaolin (and any skill-based tradition, for that matter) is focused attention, also known as mindfulness. Without focused attention one can’t learn how to tie one’s own bootlaces let alone the refined skills of a respectable fighting tradition.”

New participants to the workshop will have an opportunity to go over what was taught in Sunday’s workshop by attending three free training sessions (preferable on consecutive Friday’s).

For further information, please email Serge at [email protected].