SUSF members vote with their feet on new cardio equipment

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In February Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness (SUSF) introduced 70 brand new LifeFitness Discover SE Cardiovascular machines, and just over six months later SUSF members have logged the second most number of workouts of any other gym around the world using the same equipment.

The LifeFitness machines – which include treadmills, cross-trainers and bikes – were installed in February and we have been excited to see so many of our gold, silver gym and bronze pass holders’ taking advantage of the equipment at our two premier facilities, The Arena and the newly refurbished and extended Sydney Uni Sports & Aquatic Centre (SUSAC).  

Over the space of just over six months, only one gym worldwide (SportCity Den Haag in the Netherlands) have logged more workouts on the machines via the internet log in feature or the LF Connect App .

SUSF members have clearly voted with their feet regarding the newly installed machines, logging in an incredible 2,931 workouts.

If you haven’t set up an LFConnect account, then create one today. This will enable you to personalise your setting and favourites, track your progress, create a calendar of sessions and best of all have trainers design and send you personalised programs that will automatically take you through a work out.

How do you create a Life Fitness Account, join in on the fun and get the most from your training?

To create an LFConnect simply go to

• Click on ‘Sign Up Now’ in the top right corner

• Click on ‘Exerciser’

• Type in your chosen user name, email address and password

• Click ‘Create My Account’, then click ‘Explore Now’

• Click on ‘Cog’ in top right corner and select ‘Profile’

• Fill in your details and click ‘Save’

• Go to ‘My Community’ and select ‘Invite Buddies’

• Type in a SUSF trainers username (a list of usernames can be found below)and search and click ‘Add Buddie’

Once you have an account you can write programs, receive programs and log on to any piece of equipment by clicking on the identify icon and putting in your user name and password. Then you can select a work out and everything you do will be recorded and put into a series of charts on your LFConnect account.

At the end of each workout, you will receive a summary of distance, time, calories burned and average heart rate. You can then use this information to track your energy expenditure (for weight loss), or to track your speed to complete a set distance (for fitness).

If you would like to be taken through setting up an account or to receive personalised programs from a trainer, book in at the fitness office and one of our trainers can take you through it individually.

SUSF gym staff and usernames:

Hilary Stelmaschuk: HilaryStelmaschuk
John Fein: johnfeain
Jeremy Roff: Roffy
Cris Penn: crispenn
Miles Downie: mdownie7
Peter Feain: pfeain