Have you tried the new state-of-the-art cardio equipment at SUSF?

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Have you ever wanted to run through German forests or perhaps ride on a bike through the quaint streets of Paris? Well now you can! SUSF are one of the first fitness centres in Australia to have the new LifeFitness cardiovascular equipment now available to use at both the Sydney Uni Sports & Aquatic Centre and The Arena.  

70 brand new LifeFitness Discover SE Cardiovascular machines, including treadmills, cross-trainers and bikes hsve been installed at SUSF’s two premier facilities and we are excited to see many of our gold, silver gym and bronze pass holders’ already taking advantage of the new equipment.

Apart from being able to exercise amongst some exotic destinations from around the world via the individual LCD touch screens, members are also able to choose from over 20 health, fitness and performance based workouts, including speed training, fat burn, and heart rate interval training.

Members can also set their workouts before arriving at the gym and record their results as soon as their workouts are complete. How do you do this? Simply set up a free online account with LifeFitness (www.lfconnect.com) and away you go.

Once logged into your account you will be able to customise workouts, track your progress in the results section and even invite your friends to share training programs. All SUSF gym staff have a Life Fitness account and are only too willing to assist you to maximise your workout experience online and in the gym with tailored training programs and helpful hints. Once you are set up online, add our trainers to your profile – a list of SUSF gym staff and their LifeFitness usernames can be found below!

If that’s all too serious for you while you train, don’t worry because the new equipment allows you to train while viewing TV or surfing the internet on your individual LCD screen. It’s that easy.


SUSF gym staff and usernames: 

John Fein:                        johnfeain

Miles Downie:                   mdownie7

Hilary Stelmaschuk:          HilaryStelmaschuk

Jeremy Roff:                     Roffy