With HK Ward Gymnasium set to be demolished in 2012 to make room for a new medical research centre it was fitting that the venue was given a grand farewell on Wednesday 19th October under the spotlights of the University of Sydney’s annual Intra-Club and Intercol Sparring Night.

The spectacle was organised – for the second year in a row – by keen volunteers from St. Paul’s and Sydney Uni Boxing Club. Financially speaking, it was a tremendous success. With boxers fielded from International House, Sancta Sophia, St. Andrew’s, St. Pauls, St. John’s, Wesley and the University itself, the event attracted a crowd of over 500 people. The entirety of all money raised (yet to be confirmed) will be donated to Glebe Youth Service, Sydney Uni Boxing Club’s nominated charity.

There were 13 bouts held on the night, including the first female undergraduate bout (a representative each from Sancta Sophia and St Andrews Colleges) held on campus

Andrew McNair, Sydney Uni Boxing Club Coach, speaking on behalf of Sydney Uni Boxing Club, was keen to offer special thanks to the various organisers of the event.

“At St. Paul’s College: Matthew Campbell, Michael Lee, Nick Alexander, Will Malouf and the match doctor, Dr. Vincent Braniff,” said McNair.

“At Sydney Uni Boxing Club and HK Ward Gym: my fellow coaches Dennis Moffatt and our most recent addition, Gairy St. Clair (Johnny Lewis’ two-time World Champion), our Club President Patrick Cunningham and HK Ward’s Manager, Michael Culkoff.”

“Thank you to our referee and supervisor (and also the man who taught me to be a coach), former professional boxer Paul Toweel, and to our sponsor, Zoe’s Boxing, for the provision of equipment.”

“Finally, my personal thanks is extended to Tom Whitworth and Axel Williams for their kind assistance in training the novices, and to our dietary advisor Julian Ong, for his offer of providing dieting/sports nutrition advice to the boxing squad.”

For those who are interested in trying out boxing at the University of Sydney, please contact Sydney Uni Boxing Club, either via Coach Andrew McNair, or via their Facebook page. Free training is still offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays at HK Ward Gymnasium for students at residential colleges, until the end of the exam period. Regular club training continues throughout the year.

Andrew McNair
Sydney Uni Boxing Club
0413 789 228 | andrew.mcnair@sydney.edu.au