Sydney University Kendo Club has had one of its most successful years on record, highlighted by Kelvin Tran’s gold in the Kyu-team tournament (non-black belt) representing NSW at the Australian Kendo Championships held on the Gold Coast in April.

Tran, a fourth year Sydney University undergraduate student, also took out first position at the 2010 NSW State Championships held at Sydney University Sport and Fitness’s HK Ward Gymnasium in December last year.

The Kendo Club was last month named Club Champions at the 2011 Kumdo Championships, held at Macquarie University. It was the second consecutive Club Champions award for the SUKC.

At the same Championships, Sydney University representatives won the top two positions in the Kyu individual competition (Philip Cheng defeated Derek Chu in the final) and the women’s individual competition (Julie Fengf defeated Bonnie Lai) as well as securing first place in the Black Belt team competition.

SUKC’s achievements are not restricted to the wooden floor. The club, with the support of Sydney University Sport and Fitness, who are covering the court hire fees for the day, is holding a cross-university competition – Kendo For A Cause – at the HK Ward Gymnasium.

All money collected will go to a charity organisation supporting the Japanese earthquake victims. Over the coming years this annual event will primarily support organisations within Australia. 

The club expects members from UNSW Kendo Club, Sydney Kendo Club, Moodo Kwan (Burwood), ANU Kendo Club (Canberra), Hanrimwon (Macquarie University) to attend. SUKC is also hoping members from two Kendo clubs in Melbourne will also attend.