Sydney Uni continued their winning start to 2011 by accounting for Western Suburbs by 33 points in water logged conditions at No 1 Oval. The win also meant Uni retained the Peter Ramus Cup – named after a much revered character who was instrumental in the development of junior competitions in the inner west and also player-coached for many years at Sydney University and Newtown.

While lower grade games were cancelled due to the conditions, the SUSF grounds team worked diligently to allow the main game to continue as scheduled to the delight of a large crowd attending Past Player’s Day activities.

Conditions were tough from the outset and both teams attacked the ball ferociously with play often resembling more of rolling maul given the intensity of tackling and attack on the ball. The Students were restricted from playing their usual fast paced, high skill run and carry style of football and in the first quarter the Magpies were able to make better use of their opportunities within the forward 50 to lead by 6 points.

However after this time the Students adjusted better and gradually took further control of the game. Adam Campbell in his first game for the club marked strongly and kicked straight up forward as more often than not in the blustery conditions and with heavy ball the Students radar was awry kicking 6-16 after quarter time.

Chris Kendrick, Anton Turco, Josh Cole, Chris Clarebrough and Jack Caspersonn joined Campbell in Uni’s best players column.

The Club looks forward to this weekend travelling down to Wollongong to play Illawarra (recent name change) in both the Premier Division and First Division on Anzac Day.