Graham Croker

The University of Sydney finished third on the overall pointscore behind Monash University and the University of Melbourne at the 2009 Australian University Games held on the Gold Coast last week.

After a solid final day in the teams events, Monash ended the week on 1050 points to edge out Melbourne on 1048 and Sydney on 998.5.

Bond University won the Doug Ellis Trophy (based on university student numbers), ahead of the University of New England and the Australian College of Physical Education.

The John White (spirit of the Games) trophy was awarded to the University of Queensland.

Sydney University teams won gold in judo, women’s water polo, women’s softball and open baseball, along with the overall men’s rowing, overall women’s rowing and the overall University Rowing Championship for the NSW Centenary Cup.

The University won silver medals in men’s water polo, mixed division 1 ultimate frisbee, women’s division 1 hockey, men’s division 1 volleyball, women’s badminton and men’s badminton, while bronze medals come in women’s tennis, men’s division 1 table tennis and men’s division 1 rugby union sevens.

Of the other teams, Sydney University finished 4th in women’s division 1 touch football, open division tenpin bowling and men’s division 1 handball, 5th in men’s division 1 touch football and men’s squash, 6th in division 1 women’s volleyball, division 1 women’s netball and division 1 Australian Football, 8th in men’s division 1 tennis and men’s division 2 beach volleyball, 9th in women’s division 1 basketball, and 10th in division 1 mixed netball and division2 mixed beach volleyball.

Sydney University athletes to make Green and Gold teams at the end of the AUGs included:
Australian Football: Mark Egan, Jack Lawson
Badminton: Raymond Tam (men); Tina Chow (women)
Baseball: Daniel Illingworth
Basketball: James McCann
Fencing: Jess Brooks (women)
Soccer: Mavros (men); Erin Wilson, Emma Schiller, Daniella Thrassis (women)
Hockey: G.Bennett, K. Anderson (women)
Judo: A Yeo
Netball: Madeline Bird (women), Sarah Bornstein (mixed)
Rugby Sevens: Julian James, Hugh Hawkins
Softball: Katherine McVelty, Kara Murphy, Katherine Stolenberg, Annabel Davis
Tennis: Brenton Dumbren (man)
Touch: Holly Pobjie (women)
Ultimate frisbee: Sarah Crossie, Ewan Wymer, Nikki Cotton (mixed)
Volleyball: Victor Nguyen, Yeagen Doran (man); Adriana Amato (women)