AUG 2009 – Results Day 1…

Aussie Rules Footy Men
USYD vs. UWA Result & score TBC
USYD vs. VU Result & score TBC
Badminton Women
USYD def. MQU 4-1
Badminton Men
USYD def. UNSW 5-0
USYD def. MON 3-2
USYD def. UNSW 9-2
Basketball Men
USYD def. UTS 46-16
USYD def. UOW Score TBC
Basketball Women
USYD def. GU 45-42
Beach Volleyball Men
Result & score TBC
Beach Volleyball Mixed
GU def. USYD 2-0
NCLE def. USYD 2-0
Beach Volleyball Women
USYD def. LTU 2-0
MQU def. USYD 21-16
BOND def. USYD 20-8
Hockey Women
USYD def. MELB 1-0
Lawn Bowls
USC def. USYD 2-1
USYD def. UOW 3-0
Netball Mixed
MON def. USYD 45-15
MELB def. USYD 47-18
Netball Women
USYD def. UOW 81-2
MON def. USYD 65-10
Rugby 7’s
USYD def. UNE 24-12
UQ def. USYD 40-14
USYD def. MDU 38-19
USYD def. UWS 22-4
USYD def UTS 6-0
Squash Men
MELB def. USYD 28-0
MON def. USYD 23-5
LTU def. USYD 20-8
Soccer Men
USYD def. AU 3-0
USYD drew LTU 1-1
Soccer Women
USYD def. ACPE 3-0
Tennis Women
USYD def. MELB 4-1
USYD def. UWA Score TBC
Tennis Men
USYD def. MDU 3-2
USYD def. MQU 9-8
Tenpin Bowling
USYD def. UNSW 3-1
USYD def. UWS 3-1
Touch Footy Men
UNSW def. USYD 5-2
GU def. USYD 11-2
Touch Footy Mixed
USYD vs. UBAL Result & score TBC
USYD vs. UNSW Result & score TBC
Touch Footy Women
USYD def. UTS 5-3
USYD def. UWA 8-4
USYD def. GU 15-3
USYD def. MELB 15-4
USYD def. NCLE 15-3
Volleyball Men
USYD def. AU 3-2
Volleyball Women
UQ def. USYD 3-1
Waterpolo Men
USYD def. MON 10-6
USYD def. MELB 8-7
Waterpolo Women
USYD def. GU 9-1
USYD def. QUT 9-8

Lachlan Renshaw to heat up the Brisbane track
The Athletics program is set to begin today, after Monday was set aside as a training down at the track. Sydney University’s Olympian Lachlan Renshaw is in with a great chance to take away gold at this meet.
Women leading the way
With Sydney University’s women’s netball and softball teams winning quiet convincingly on Monday – it will be interesting to see if there is any  team that will challenge their strength this competition.
Sydney University defeated the University of Wollongong 81-2 in Netball and the University of Western Sydney 22-4 in Softball.
Congratulations Girls – and good luck!
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